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Removal of domestic waste from the private sector.

My aunt lives in a cottage located in a more or less prestigious part of the suburb of Yekaterinburg. And occasionally I come to visit her in my car. And this, of course, is not about her hospitality, but about my observations.

Every time we go to the "city", she asks to put in the trunk of a bag or even two. What is it? Garbage! Common household trash that accumulates from time to time.

Before the metal containers, where they put this garbage, we drive about 12-15 km and this is the nearest place. Naturally, I do not mind, but every time I have to make a small “hook” when traveling to the city center. We must understand the aunt: well, where to put this garbage?

So this is the first observation.

Observation second. My parents, being pensioners, as soon as the garden and garden season comes, leave for the dacha and live there until the last, i.e. to the most severe cold. The neighbors also live there, to the right, and to the left, and across the road from our site. Also retired. They like it there. Clean air, silence, family beds, bath, gazebo. Sometimes I come to visit them in my car for the sake of the listed attractions. And, as you may have guessed, they are also constantly being asked to bring along a couple of bags of garbage and a bag with empty glass and plastic bottles.

I thought: Is it possible to build a business on this?

After sitting for several hours on the Internet, reading advertising newspapers and making several calculations, I came to the conclusion: you can !

And, my dear friends, I would like to share with you!

I will point out everything on a concrete example and on real planned calculations!

I live in Ufa. In our area, the number of suburban settlements with elite and not quite elite houses is no less than ten (I don’t consider garden cooperatives, their great and great number!).

The village of Chamonino. New perspective in all plans of the village, almost with new houses and buildings. The distance to the city is 15 km, to the center - 27 km. The number of residential buildings in the first half of the village is 630, the layout of houses is available.

1) It is necessary to print an advertisement about your services on 1 A5 paper. Put all the information: all the pros and superplus, contact information. Print on a conventional black and white laser printer, do not hesitate.

Having consulted with a lawyer, we draw up a standard contract for subscription service for the removal of household waste with a volume and weight of no more than specified values ​​(for example, up to 0.3 cubic meters, weight not more than 10 kg) once a week. We print out 630 copies of the advertisement sheet and the contract (one contract is one sheet; one is for the client, the other is for us).

The contract should provide that customers' trash should be in hermetic plastic bags, be placed in front of the gate, garbage will be removed on Sundays from 15-00 to 18-00.

2) We make a round of houses. We communicate with residents of the village. We offer this service. We guarantee quality and garbage collection at a strictly established frequency: once or twice a week (twice for an increased tariff).

If you want to save time, it’s best to hire a few students for this job. They are sociable, nosy and always need money. Payment with them to produce on the fact: for the concluded contract.

Some residents will tell you or your employees that the relevant maintenance site or partnership is responsible for garbage collection, that it is included in the monthly fee they pay. Dont be upset. These are your future customers! They have not yet matured and have not fully understood the reality of being and will come to you later. Give them politely a prepared leaflet.

3) So, 630 houses.
Of these, 15-20% of their owners will not be at home. Minus 95 homes. Come to them later.
Carefully keep records. In the account - your reputation!
There are 535 houses left.
Of these, 40% will refuse or “think” - 214 houses. Do not worry, this is the future market for your services. We are talking about today.
There are 321 houses left. Here are your real customers ! People who soberly assess the situation, their time and are exempt from work that they do not want to deal with.

4) Offer your customers to prepare a special garbage package in advance or purchase 15 rub. From you. for the bag. Judging by the advertisement, 1 large plastic bag will cost you from 9 rubles.
Among the ads, I tried to find an inexpensive classic plastic trash bin. But ... comes out expensive. The minimum price of one such container is 1500 rubles. If customers want to have such containers available, then let them buy it themselves. For us the main thing is that the garbage should be carefully packed in an airtight container, i.e. in a big plastic bag. This facilitates handling, transportation.

5) Among the newspaper advertisements I found many ads of this nature: the driver of the category “VS” with a personal KAMAZ-55111 (or other truck) is looking for work. Called several, offered a permanent mandatory work on Sundays. They are glad that work is Sunday. This is for them - shabashka! 1 hour of their work costs 400-450 rubles. Agreed with the main and just in case with a backup driver. Pass the gazelists, the machine is too small, though ... judge by the volume.

6) First, it is better to make payment for your services not high. First you need to firmly enter this market of services, to establish yourself. Let people get used to this service. After 6-9 months it is possible to increase their tariffs. Explain this increase in prices, etc., people are accustomed to inflation and increasing various tariffs.

7) How to collect money from customers?
You arrive in the village on Saturday or Sunday from 10-00 in the morning and begin to go round the customers, i.e. before Sunday's garbage collection. Keep strict records! Errors are not allowed! It is advisable to collect money from customers for a month of service at 45 rubles. for export, who does not want, then for a one-time fee a little more - 50 rubles. It disciplines.
Keep records in the cash book in the appropriate order, make a cash receipt order (PKO) to a specific contract, give the customers a handful to the PTP. Let everything be legal.
If you do not have time, then it is best to hire a responsible cashier, a retired woman, preferably from among the residents of this village. Her payment of 500 rubles. for sunday. Those. 4.3 days of work per month = 2150 rubles.
She will collect the money and give you all the information. It is desirable that she did not communicate with workers on garbage collection, since collusion and appropriation is possible. Keep control.


Monthly earnings:
The cost of garbage collection in one week from one house is 45 rubles, an increase of up to 60 rubles.
Total homes - 321 homes.
The number of weeks in a month (7 days / 30 days) is 4.3 weeks.
Total monthly income 62100–82800 rubles.

Monthly expenses:
The duration of the truck entrance from house to house and loading of garbage (not counting arrival to the village and departure to the landfill) is 0.012 hours.
Number of houses - 321 houses.
The number of hours of operation of a truck in one week from house to house and loading of garbage (not counting arrival to the village and departure to the landfill) - 3.85 hours.
The number of hours of arrival of the car to the village and departure at the garbage dump is 2 hours.
The number of operating hours of a truck per week is 6 hours.
Payment for a truck driver 6 hours x 400 rubles per hour 2400 rubles per week
Payment for a truck driver per month 2400x4.3 weeks. 10320 rub.
Payment for ancillary worker for 4 hours of work (loading and unloading) in the opening session - 1000 rubles.
Payment auxiliary worker per month (x4.3 weeks.) 4300 rubles.
Payment to the cashier 500 rubles. x 4.3 weeks 2150 rub.
Office expenses, printing 3000 rub.
For the dump of 4300 rub rub.
Other unforeseen expenses 4700 rub.
Total 28770 rubles.

Your profit = Income - Expenses = from 33330 rub. up to 54030 rub.
NDFL 13% from 4333 rub. up to 7023 rub.
Net profit of 29,000 rubles. up to 47,000 rubles.

In my opinion, not bad! For a few hours of work on weekends! And this is not the limit. This is the initial profit, then the expansion will follow, I am absolutely sure of that. In the future, you will take care of the neighboring village, etc. Perhaps a branch of the business. Discount to your customers if they distribute their garbage and sign it, for example, food waste - take it to the farm, scrap metal - take it to the collectors of metal, polyethylene and plastic - to processors, etc. This is all the money. Living money!

When you put this business firmly on your feet, provide proper control, then you will simply receive a steady steady income. Yes, yes, like those monopolists who are paid for electricity, gas, water, a telephone and ... you, for garbage collection.