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Decorative Rabbits - Profitable Business or Hobby?

Recently, decorative rabbits (also known as dwarf rabbits) became popular as pets. They differ from ordinary rabbits in smaller sizes and weights, as well as in characteristic small ears (up to 7 cm in length) and a short head. In Europe, there are many nurseries of rabbits, adopted breed standards, exhibitions are held. There are many breeds and breed groups of ornamental rabbits - angora, color angora, dutch, rex, ram, butterfly, and others.

In the apartment, the rabbits are kept in cages, and the clean rabbits are released on walks around the apartment. The diet of ornamental rabbits is almost the same as that of their large counterparts - hay, carrot, grafted grass, tree branches, and feed them also with dry oat-flakes, boiled potatoes, and apples.

Decorative rabbits are intelligent and sociable animals, able to find a common language with the owner, as well as with almost all other pets.

decorative rabbits

Compared to cats, dogs and some other pets, their expenses and maintenance, and veterinary care are significantly lower, and you will receive no less joy from communication. What is very nice, a rabbit can buy a harness and walk with him on the street, at any time, on the nearest lawn or playground. There is no need to walk the rabbit, he will quickly learn to walk in the cat's tray, but walking with him will bring quite a bit of joy to you and your children.

During the holidays, you can always leave the cage with a rabbit with friends or relatives, whom he does not deliver much discomfort. They are very light and comfortable when transporting or moving, they feel comfortable in the summer at the cottage.

But kraley, like other pets, require communication, education and care for them. Like other pets, tend to make small breakdowns in the house. Therefore, acquiring a rabbit, remember that you take into the house primarily an animal, with its own character, personality and habits, and not a soft fluffy toy.

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Rabbits are born blind and naked. Most often in the litter is from six to nine rabbits. Some females bring only 1-3 bunnies, and some bring up to 12-14 pieces, but this is rare.

Average prices:

Dwarf rabbit - 850 p.
Dwarf lop-eared rabbit - 850 r.
Dwarf fluffy dwarf rabbit - 1200 r.
Super dwarf rabbit - 1200 p.

Prices are very average and can vary considerably depending on the breed, color and your promotion.