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Carpet cleaning is a simple and profitable business.

I want to tell you about the idea of ​​a business that requires minimal investment and a short payback period. This business is "Carpet Cleaning"

Carpet cleaning is a very promising business . Unlike the west, where this niche is fully occupied, in Russia the market of cleaning services, including a separate area of ​​"carpet cleaning", is in its infancy. The demand for this type of service is enormous, because according to the recommendations of specialists, carpets should be cleaned at least 2 times a year, and carpeting in rooms with high traffic at least 1-2 times a month. Rarely in what apartment there is at least one carpet. In office premises, carpet is also often used instead of linoleum and laminate.

What kind of service do customers get when they contact a carpet cleaner? Most often, wet carpet and bad mood, although a woman of retirement age with “vanish” and “brush-ironing” in her hands (this is the stereotype about specialists in Russia) tries to convince them that the cleaning is good and the carpet is now clean. Yes, maybe in some places the carpet has become cleaner, but I assure you that after such cleaning it will be contaminated several times faster than before. There are other "experts" who call themselves cleaning companies and come to the customer with a household vacuum cleaner for 5000 p.

Carpet cleaning in our country is not subject to mandatory certification, which is actively used by “pseudo-professionals”, while earning good money.

You can develop this business direction in different ways.

The first method is an exit cleaning of carpets and carpets at home by a professional extractor.

The second way is working with shopping centers, offices and shops.

The difference between the first two methods in cleaning equipment and form of ownership. (For cleaning carpets at home, not bulky equipment with a low noise level is required, but to work with organizations where carpet areas can reach 1000 and 5000 sq. M. Equipment with high productivity is needed. As for the form of ownership ... For maintenance individuals are sufficient to register individual entrepreneurs, and to work with legal entities it is better to register an LLC).

The third way is to organize a carpet cleaning workshop. The advantage of this method is that up to 10-20 carpets can be cleaned in the workshop every day, and no more than 5 at home. This is due to the fact that the delivery time of equipment from your warehouse or house to the customer’s home is very long. time for lifting equipment to the floor, unwinding all cords, connecting hoses, etc. (By the way, nothing prevents you from receiving an order for on-site cleaning of carpets to break out of the workshop and serve the client). The advantages of the third method are obvious.

Compared to other types of business, the carpet cleaning business initially requires minimal investment. In the case of opening an exit cleansing, you can limit yourself to 10,000-15,000 tr. In this case, the mechanical impact will have to be carried out manually (With the accumulation of some money, it will be possible to purchase a rotary machine). For the organization of exit cleaning of carpets it is quite enough. The main thing - the presence of high-quality extractor.

In general, the main thing is to start and strive for further development. You can purchase a carpet washing machine for large areas and open a workshop for stationary carpet cleaning. My company began its development path in this way. With the purchase of a washing vacuum cleaner and posting ads. At first, there were 2-3 orders per day, but after a few months, word of mouth started working and soon we didn’t have time to serve all customers. Then we bought another set of equipment (by the way, more advanced than the first) and hired two cleaning operators. It went even more fun. We bought another car for deliveries, opened a shop for cleaning. Now we are the leaders in carpet cleaning in our region. Are there any competitors? Yes, there is, but there is enough work for everyone. There are a lot of positive reviews, and positive feedback is the best advertising engine.

Some examples of our work:

carpet cleaning

carpet cleaning

On the way to the goal we were trapped by mistakes and difficulties. Therefore, I decided to write a manual for those who want to start their own carpet cleaning business . It will help to avoid the mistakes that we made, help to understand the market for these services, open the secrets of all cleaning methods and help you competently organize this business. To learn more about the toolkit, go to