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A novelty in the world of stained glass. Polycrystalline stained glass.

I want to share my idea of ​​home business, which I personally developed and tested. It is dedicated to the theme of stained glass. I called the type of stained-glass window to your attention “polycrystalline”, due to the fact that its surface has a fine-grained structure resembling a fracture of a polycrystalline mineral.

The difference between a polycrystalline stained glass window and a traditional stained glass window is that the labor intensity of its production is about several dozen times lower than that of a traditional stained glass window, and its durability is almost the same!

The method of making stained glass itself can be attributed to the so-called. " Painted stained glass ". The main difference from the traditional, this stained glass window distinguishes the use of special paints, which are not originally stained glass, but by their nature provide an extremely strong, almost inseparable connection with the glass substrate. They are not afraid of the sun, nor frost, nor moisture! And since the paint practically “gets used” to the surface of the glass, it is practically impossible to clean it off (only if with the top layer of glass!). Moreover, my experiments have shown that the stained-glass window cannot even be washed off with hydrochloric acid!

stained glass window

More information about the new method of creating a stained glass window I posted on the page:

True, there are no economic estimates on this page, so I give them below:
I will give the calculation for 1 sq.m. stained glass:
1. Cost of 1 sq. M. window glass (3 mm thick) on average - 250 rubles.
2. The cost of contour paint - 150 rubles.
3. The cost of stained paint - 600 rubles.
4. The cost of paper - 50 rubles.
5. Production of 1 sq. M. stained glass takes about 8 hours. An employee’s salary is about 1000 rubles.
Total: 2050 rubles.
If you make a profitability of 100%, then the sales cost of stained glass will be 4 - 5 thousand rubles.
For comparison: the cost of 1 sq.m. classic stained glass - 30 - 55 thousand rubles.

There is information for thought!
Regards, Mikhail