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Creating posters "oil on canvas" from photos.

Good day!
My name is Michael. I have long been fond of photography. There were also commercial works (weddings, parties). Recently discovered another field of activity. One friend, dreamily looking at one of my landscapes, said she would not have refused to have such a large painting, painted in oil on canvas, in her living room. But, unfortunately, ordering a painting to an artist will be very expensive ...

I had an idea to solve this problem without involving an artist. I climbed the Internet in search of a photo processing algorithm to give it a “oil on canvas” look. I found several algorithms, but after testing them in practice, I didn't like any of them ... I had to experiment and invent my own. And it turned out! Both the customer and I were very pleased with the result! After that, I already ordered her posters “oil on canvas” from her friends from her favorite (or my favorite) photos.

In the process of searching for information on turning a photo into a “canvas”, I found in one of the magazines “Photo shop” for 2000. Describe the method as a real, real photo printed in a photo salon, make thin and use a special device to stick it on a real canvas (sackcloth and etc). But, this is a way for people who are very fond of working with their hands. In addition, there is a problem that a real photo is stuck onto the canvas, and they are not recommended to be kept without protective glass. And if you put such a glass, then all the charm of the “canvas” texture of the image disappears. From my shortcomings, I am free, the way I use, and which does not require fine manual work (and indeed no manual work at all!).

print on canvas

A little about economic feasibility : it will cost you to create one poster “oil on canvas” with an area of ​​0.5 square meters of approximately 800-1000 rubles (depending on the frame of the “picture”). A standard Chinese poster in a store with a standard storyline costs about 1,200 - 1,600 rubles. But, since you will do your job ON ORDER with images in which the client is particularly interested, he willingly lays out 2,000 - 3,000 rubles for them. Those. From each poster, you can “cook” 1000 - 2000 rubles. The computer processing of one image takes about 2 to 3 hours (with tea drinking and parallel TV viewing: -). You yourself will not have to do the work on printing on canvas and making a frame.

So making a lot of time does not take, and sales will depend only on your imagination in the field of marketing. In other matters, as shown by my experience, even without any “marketing fantasy”, acting only with one method of advertising “you saw your friends among your friends”, and you can provide a piece of butter to your labor “crust”: -).

Creating posters in oil on canvas from photos

If in brief, the essence of the technology lies in the processing of photos in Photoshop and printing in the nearest company on canvas.

In order not to overload the article with the details of the “oil on canvas” technology, I described both methods in detail on the specially created page
Regards, Mikhail