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Making fotoovalov on monuments.

Many of us are often interested in various ideas to start a business. But most believe that to open a business need a lot of money. However, all ingenious, as you know, is simple. Everything sometimes depends on your resourcefulness and desire to earn money. Do not forget that SUCCESS IS THE FIRST.

I suggest you open a business that you do not have in the city and even in the region. The business is to produce " photos on the monuments " on a unique and fairly simple technology. There is no such thing anywhere. This technology of making photographs on monuments differs significantly from the old technologies of “photo on enamel - photoceramics” and is the most promising for many years. An exceptional difference is that in the manufacture of used only polymers. All materials and equipment are sold in stores of your or regional city. It is very easy to make your business even at home with minimal investment.

This technology of making photos on monuments is very simple and anyone can master it. And now about technology and business in more detail.


To organize your business you need to have:
- computer
- color scanner
- color inkjet printer with pigment ink (they do not fade)
- laminator
I want to note that all office equipment is placed on the desktop.

Now about the workflow:
- take a photo and scan it into the computer
- we process in photoshop
- we print on the printer (not paper, but PVC plastic is used)
- we laminate
- cut out
- we fix in photoal (the blank where the photo is fixed, is made of impact-resistant plastic) and the product is ready.

Profitability you can calculate yourself based on the following prices. The cost of photo taken $ 3 with delivery to any city of the CIS, the cost of consumables $ 0.5. Only $ 3.5, and the selling price from $ 10 to $ 45, depending on your region. Is it not true that any “bourgeois” would envy.

Advantage over "photo on enamel - photoceramics"
- production time 15-20 minutes, "photo on enamel - photoceramics" 10 - 60 days
- very high quality color reproduction
- attached to the monument without screws
- do not tear off for scraping (unfortunately this is practiced)

You should not be afraid of competition, especially since this niche is not occupied by anyone.

This business can be done either by a novice entrepreneur, or by any photo studio, or even a ritual goods store; all you need is a strong desire, and you get a streamlined and stable income all year round. I wish you all good luck, patience and perseverance! Once again, SUCCESS IS THE FIRST.