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Stands for the distribution of business cards on multi-cash.

It is proposed to discuss another idea for a business with low initial costs.

The project is a network of information stands through which business cards of organizations and enterprises located in the most visited places of the city (large shopping and entertainment centers, supermarkets) are distributed free of charge . The most important detail is that the stands are located on the multicascade. This ensures the permeability of the target audience from 50 to 200 people per day.

The basis of the stands and pockets are made of plexiglass. The whole structure looks very neat and attracts attention.

Calculations of the financial plan are as follows.
Our network currently consists of 20 stands.
The rent for 20 stands is 10 000 rubles per month.
Delivery of business cards and placement on the stands - 5 000 rubles per month.
Total fixed costs: 15 000 rub.

The cost of renting a single cell on one stand for the Customer varies from 210 to 250 rubles, depending on the number of leased cells and the lease term.

For calculations, we take the lowest price of 210 rubles per cell.
The customer is offered a choice of accommodating either ten stands or twenty.
Accordingly, the cost per month is equal to:
210 rub. * 1 cell * 10 stands = 2 100 rubles / month
210 rub. * 1 cell * 20 stands = 4,200 rubles / month
The price is specified without the cost of printing business cards.

On average, customers rent from 8 to 12 cells per month, and almost always take them at twenty stands for a wider audience coverage. The rest are used for self-promotion, plus someone is placed free of charge - charitable organizations, for example.
Take an average of 10 cells:
10 cells * 210 rub. * 20 stands = 42 000 rubles / month
Minus 15,000 rubles. rent and delivery.
Total rental income is 27,000 rubles per month. Plus a good income from the printing of business cards themselves, which we sell to Customers at a price of 80 kopecks. up to 1 rub. a piece.

An additional advantage of the stands is their low cost.
It is also easy to calculate that by placing only four customers on twenty stands, we will compensate for all the constant monthly costs.

I would like to say a few words about the effectiveness of this type of advertising. At first (the first 2 - 3 months) we placed business cards with advertising of ourselves (outdoor production, large format printing, design, printing), our familiar business partners. Well, at first there was almost no calls, although they took business cards very well. Regularly they started calling about three months later, today we can say with confidence that such advertising works very well.

In conclusion, I would like to note that such stands can be a good start to a small business without high initial costs.