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Manufacture of trade and exhibition equipment.

Many people are inclined to think that in order to organize some production today, it is necessary at least to have:

- Large starting capital;
- Machine tools;
- Industrial premises;
- MEGA-BRAIN to organize the production.

Therefore, the whole dream of one's own production , a beautiful life and worthy earnings disappears in no time. And the next morning they go back to work ...

All day they work on Uncle "Misha" and at the end of the day, instead of gratitude for their work, they listen to every nonsense in their address, get "kicks", "cuffs" and fines.

They again have depression and begin to torment the question - what next? Where to earn money? How to get rid of this constant oppression?

Can he send all these superiors? Why do you need them? Or are you very fond of them and can not do something without them? I doubt it!

Maybe it's time to understand the difference between the expressions "going to work" and "making money"?

This form of business, in which my partners and I have outgrown in the production of furniture, differs radically from the production of furniture, and does not require long preparations.

It is also unique in that it is simple and ingenious. It does not require the application of large mental and physical efforts in the implementation of projects and can act in the role of additional earnings.

Starting this business, you do not have to leave your job and completely give it up from morning till night. It is not necessary to have seed money.

All you need is a knowledge of the process of organizing the production of commercial equipment.

Each day spent brings a minimum of 1500 rubles with the most unlucky scenario! This kind of production can be dealt with absolutely by any person - a simple hard worker, full-time student, or even a woman who has everything in order with mathematics and abstract three-dimensional imagination. If this imagination does not exist, then programs will come to the aid that will imagine everything for you;)

If I continued to work for Uncle Misha, I would not have had a chance to escape from that "cloaca" in which many people come.

The conclusion is one. You need to do something yourself, and do not sit still. And if you do not know where to start, then at least pull yourself together, and read to the end what I'm telling you.

Why did I choose the production of trade and exhibition equipment , rather than the manufacture of cabinet furniture?

Everything is very simple. As it was at all times - EVERYTHING IS ESTABLISHING IN MONEY! And a great desire not to strain hard :)

Manufacturing of trade and exhibition equipment implies:

Firstly, the opportunity to earn 2-3 times more than ordinary cabinet furniture, and at the same time work calmly and slowly, no more than 6-8 hours a day.

Secondly, the opportunity most of the time (90%) to work in the warmth , no matter what the weather is on the street.

Thirdly, since so far few are familiar with this technology in Russia, competition is also not high .

Fourth, the need for this furniture is quite large , so that the field of activity is not plowed.

And the most interesting, after you get into the process of production, instantly realize that you do not need to work yourself !!!

You can hire hard workers (students, schoolchildren or other idlers) to work for you for a penny (300-500 rubles a day), even without realizing what they did and how much you earned on it.

And I want to note that everything will be done without compromising the quality of the product, even if your "hard workers" do not have any work experience.

In this production, you can give all the "dreary" work to a third person with calm spirit, without fear for doing something wrong.

And you, in turn, as the head of your mini-factory, at the end of the work, would receive a normal salary, for which many work for several months, working as "negros on plantations."

manufacturing of commercial equipment

By the way, if you organize your production in this way, hiring employees from outside, and not working in tandem with your friends, then your minimum earnings will amount to 2500-3500 rubles. in the day that you will receive only for the fact that you are so handsome and smart! For the fact that all managed to organize.

Your work will be intelligent and clean. No dust and dirt and unnecessary "problems".

Your job will be as follows.

You will need to negotiate over the phone, and from time to time point with your finger where to get what to take and where to put it.

Do you hear everything like a fairy tale? :about)

Hmm, I understand you. But still read it to the end.

I will not invent and fantasize anything, but I will simply describe and show how we work.

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