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Production of advertising soap.

Earlier, the idea of making handmade soap was considered. The idea is very simple and easy to implement, even if there is no initial start-up capital. We all saw the usual perfume soap, as a rule it is a solid brick-like piece, less often round and oval in shape. This is due to the technological process of production. It is much easier to put on a stream a rectangular shape than some kind of decorative and complex shape. However, soap is a good advertising medium if you correctly approach it.

What is soap? Any housewife, landlord and even a person far from the farm will immediately answer that it is a very useful and necessary thing. And they will be right - without soap anywhere. Even a glamorous babe takes a bath with soap suds and touches ordinary soap. So why not make it an advertisement?

Imagine, after visiting a beauty salon, you are handed, instead of a paper booklet (which you forget in the car, lose at home, etc.), as a gift a good, high-quality exclusive soap in the form of the beauty salon emblem. Not a single person, being in his right mind, will throw out this piece of soap, but will save it or use it for its intended purpose - and when he uses it, he will remember the place where he received this soap, i.e. beauty salon and in most cases, once again visit this salon.

advertising soap

No beauty shop? It does not matter, there are pizzerias, cafes and restaurants, there you can distribute gift corporate soap as a souvenir (for example, in the process of visiting the toilet). No cafe? So there are fitness centers, where there are showers - place your corporate soap in the shower and this cute and inexpensive trifle will raise the level of your service. And many more different uses of corporate soap, as well as many different types of soap - ranging from perfume soap (a good corporate gift for March 8 to pretty women), ending with English shaving soap - for those who feel like a gentleman.

Do you have dry cleaners in the city? They, as a corporate soap, use a special soap for removing stains, which they can give to their customers and they will definitely return to them (at least for a new soap).

advertising soap The idea itself is to make custom-made soap. You do not even need a soap factory, it can easily be made at home. In the " Homemade, Master Class " section , you can familiarize yourself with homemade soap making methods. The simplest method is a plastic key chain with a company logo filled with a transparent soap base. But keep in mind that the success of your business will directly depend on the design and uniqueness of your products.

Take a sample and make small advertising pieces of soap with your data and send it as a gift to the companies of the city, accompanying the gift with an advertising booklet. Nobody will send such advertising to the basket, and even in the conditions of tough competition, you may receive orders, since the idea is not new, but it has its own flavor that depends on your imagination and creative talent.