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Houses for cats and dogs. Making furniture for animals.

In many large cities have already appeared beauty salons for pets. For our smaller brothers they sew clothes , in the shops you can buy not only special matrasiki and rugs, but also various baskets, houses and even sofas for dogs and cats. Based on the fact that, despite the relatively high prices for these products, the demand for them is constantly growing, you can open an interesting business that will bring tangible income.

Speech ideas about making furniture for animals . You can implement in several directions. Furniture for dogs, house for cats, cribs, ottomans, bedding , etc.

Making furniture for dogs

You can take a regular locker from the kitchen, and work a little on it, namely, add hinges at the bottom, a mattress with a removable cover, and then you get a small chest of drawers for your pet. If there is no locker at hand, then you can make it for certain dimensions of chipboard sheets. It looks like an ordinary dresser, but which can turn into a sleeping place for your pet. You can provide a drawer for clothing or accessories, as well as a loop for a leash. It should turn out as in the figure below.

furniture for dogsdog bed

You can sell similar products through ordinary furniture stores. You can advertise in the newspaper, and make the manufacture of similar furniture for animals to order.

Next, we consider other options for home dwellings for pets.

Bedding or mattress

You can, of course, take a piece of some rug and tie it with a crochet hook or sheathe a hem. But there are more interesting options. In order for your business to flourish, you must still apply some kind of fantasy and skills. For example, a mattress in a zippered case will look very attractive. The cover can be made of almost any fabric, but it is better to take a dense linen, tapestry or shorn fur. Forms and sizes can be very diverse.

bedding for dogswrought iron furniture for pets

Forged furniture for pets is an exclusive highly artistic forged products that will help not only to imitate the necessary furnishing for an animal in an ordinary house or apartment, but also to create a uniform interior style.

The mattress “puffs” looks very interesting. The technique of sewing it is as follows: individual square ottomans are taken and sewn together. The top is sheathed with a cloth, better flannel. Lining - absolutely any. Since your business is only on the way of becoming, it is better to take the cheapest fabric. Lining the fabric is cut into small squares, 10 centimeters in length. For the top fabric, you need to take 40% more. Fold the lining fabric in half, fold the incision in the center of 2 cm. We connect the front sides of the top and lining. Excessive top need to lay in the folds. Then we grind around the perimeter and turn it over. The number of ottomans can be about 30-40. Ready ottoman sew around the perimeter. You can fill with foam or sintepon. Cuts are sewn up manually, and edges are processed by the edging. Sizes, of course, can be changed at their discretion. Just like the form.

ottoman for dogsdog bed

You, as the owner of your business, understand that the price of the finished product must exceed the cost price. We recommend setting the selling price more than twice the cost price. For example, you spent 100 rubles on sewing a product, which means that the sale price will be 200 rubles.

Cat's house

All cats love to get rest in the secluded, hidden places of the apartment. This may be a mezzanine, a shelf with a linen cabinet, a travel bag, etc. Perhaps, therefore, the idea to create a new business - to make houses for cats.

The housing of such a dwelling may resemble a dog kennel. The floor can serve as a tourist rug (karemat), the walls can also be made from karemat or foam rubber, the ceiling - foam rubber. Every detail of the house is in the case into which foam rubber is inserted. Then we connect the details, and the cat house is ready. As an addition to the house have a variety of "scraper." After all, it is no secret that cats love to sharpen claws on upholstered furniture or a carpet in a house.

The sizes can be any, but within limits. In a very large house the cat will not be comfortable. In general, the shape of the house may be different. For example, cube or teremok. There are options for a house that will be folded and can be taken on the road.

The cost of houses for cats significantly exceeds the cost of its manufacture. Suppose you spent 300 rubles, and the selling price of them is not less than 700 rubles. If you made a house for the dog, then the price is even higher.

You can organize sewing any lounges, sofas, soft toys and many other interesting things.

Recommendations to those who decided to start their own animal furniture business

Make the first house or other product from an inexpensive material, sell the product, evaluate the result. Fabrics of different color and texture can be purchased literally for a penny or even for free in a sewing studio or furniture store.

You can sell products through special stores. You can advertise in the newspaper and sew such products to order.