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Floating - a room of relaxation.

If you want to have a profitable business with a complete lack of competition, even without looking at quite a lot of investment, then the next idea for business is for you! Floating is a new direction in medicine and beauty salon services.

The first float-chamber was designed in the middle of the last century by a doctor-neurophysiologist. He brought out the theory that putting a person in an embryonic environment, you can get rid of many ailments. Nowadays, floatation has become widespread and enjoys well-deserved popularity all over the world. It is with his help that professional athletes recover their strength before important competitions. With the help of the float procedure, you can achieve complete relaxation of all muscles, which helps to relieve stress, depression, pain in trauma, and also replaces a full-fledged massage session. One hour of floatation replaces 8 hours of sleep!

float chamber

The float chamber (or, in another way, the "sensory deprivation bath") is a closed chamber, protected from light and sound, with 25 cm of warm (human skin temperature) concentrated solution of English salt. Due to the high concentration of salt solution, the human body (and head too) floats on the surface of this solution as a cork. Drowning in this thing is simply unrealistic - firstly, 25 cm depth will simply not even turn over, secondly, the density of the solution is such that the body is pushed to the surface.

There is no light in the camera, and special noise effects are created. The person placed in it, feels the same feelings as the embryo in the womb, mainly due to the neutralization of gravitational force. The temperature of the solution is constantly maintained at 34.8 degrees, so the client does not even feel his skin. Usually a person falls asleep, if it was not possible, then complete relaxation did not happen, the body is too tense, and it is recommended to repeat the session.

There are contraindications to floatation, but there are not more of them than when visiting the solarium. The camera is so safe that it is suitable for visiting even pregnant women. After each procedure, the salt solution automatically merges and the chamber is filled with a new one.

Organization of the idea of ​​business:

If you decide to organize your business to provide float services, you should decide on the location. Float-cameras are fashionable to install in medical centers or beauty salons, in sanatoriums or shopping centers, water parks or hotels. The cost of one relaxation procedure is at least 2,000 rubles per hour. This cost is comparable to the price of massage in the spa. Equipment for flotation, solutions and additional devices can be ordered from specialized companies.

float chamber

The cost of a float-camera varies from 700,000 rubles to one and a half million. On average, investments pay off in half a year, with 4-6 clients per day. With a revenue of 300,000 rubles, the cost of rent, salary, expendable materials will be 40,000 rubles. It is not difficult to calculate that flotation is a profitable business that does not require special knowledge or work experience.

For personal use, and business, it is possible to produce a float camera on its own, thereby reducing initial costs. You can download a book in which there will be many photos of the process of making the float camera "from" and "to" and will give a general idea of ​​how this can be done.