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Opening of a private sports ground.

sport playground In the West, a healthy lifestyle is very widely promoted. And the main thing for this is a lot of municipal places for this intended. In each microdistrict and even the yard of any high-rise building there is a sports ground. In Spain, for example, in all the yard for days on end the guys chase the ball. Is it because this country unswervingly occupies the first position of the world football rating? Let's remember our childhood ... It seems that every school had a stadium, and nevertheless we needed to create our own football. A couple of downed logs seemed like an exact copy of the gate at the stadium "Dynamo" or "Barcelona". About such small things as hummocks, irregularities, glass, thorns and ubiquitous molehills, you should not even think about it.

And now from the old sites there were a couple of crumbling bars, a rusty curved horizontal bar and a single sagging basketball ring that survived after the vandals ... Does not it remind you of anything? Then look out the window. The new sites, built by a few sponsors or with elite new buildings, do not even partially cover the people's need for sports. It is almost impossible to enter stadiums, only schoolchildren have access to school gyms during classes. So that's the idea of ​​creating a private sports ground. This is especially true in large cities.

First of all, you need to find a suitable place where there are no institutions, shopping centers or other buildings. One of the conditions for locating such a site should undoubtedly be its remoteness from gassed highways and enterprises with hazardous emissions. Then you need to negotiate with the local authorities about renting or buying a suitable site. Usually this does not make much effort, since the latter are interested in the development of sports infrastructure. And in order to reduce rent and energy costs three times, you must give your project a social direction. To do this, you can make a free visit to his children from all neighborhoods during working hours (from 8 to 16).

To build a full-fledged sports ground with four towers for floodlights, in order to artificially extend the light-day, about 50,000 понадоби are needed approximately 20 to 40 m. These funds will go to cover, the installation of horizontal bars, beams, basketball rings, high strong fencing. You will also need to install an administrator / guard / locker car. Part of the money will go to the engine of trade - advertising. A couple of billboards, the Internet, leaflets and mailings to organizations - the main advertising media. But still the main emphasis here should be made on corporate clients through the organization of different tournaments among firms. Believe it, to rest in the fresh air after eight hours of sitting work and even having the opportunity to kick some parts of the body to colleagues from the firm that on the floor below any middle manager would gladly pay some $ 5 per hour. It is even better to make an hourly payment, independent of the number of visitors.

With an average workload of 50 hours per week and an hour's cost of $ 25 (the minimum cost is taken), the profit will be $ 1,250 / week. It is not difficult to calculate the payback period of the project. In addition, do not forget that the site is multifunctional - this is football, and basketball, and tennis. And what about the whole winter period, we are not in Spain? Elementary! With a few easy technical methods our sports ground turns into a beautiful ice rink! And football battles smoothly flow into figure skating, and the ice squad with ice clubs comes to replace the fans with a leather ball. Here and so. In a healthy body healthy mind.

Author: PanDoktor