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High-yielding business on cultivation of dill and onion greens.

cultivation of onions Many people, unsatisfied with their work for "uncle", for a penny, would like to build their own business . Which would bring the desired income, rather than pathetic pennies.

Almost all present business at the moment, requires initial capital. But what exactly it should be, it directly depends on what you are going to do. In this business, the initial capital should at least be, but it is several times less than if you opened a grocery store, a hairdressing salon, some stall (the list is really huge). But the return can be much more than the initial investment.

This kind of business can deal with both people living in the province, and urban residents. After all, many townspeople have cottages and plots of land.

The idea of this type of business is to grow dill and onion greens and its implementation.

Why green?
• Cheap planting stock
• Easy growing
• Good demand for greenery
• High profitability
• The minimum starting capital (in the presence of a land plot, this is the cost of fertilizers and planting material)

With proper and competent business management, in the presence of a land plot of 10 acres, the net profit can be 30 000 - 90 000 rubles per month.

Let's make small calculations: Take for example dill. And so, the average wholesale cost of kg of dill (spring - autumn) = 70-80 rubles. But it happens and 50 rubles., Although there are 150 rubles. per kg. In general, prices in this market really skip. It can depend on many factors: competitors, yield, etc. We will calculate 70 rubles. per kg.

The yield of dill also depends on many factors: variety, soil, weather conditions, care of plantations. But we will take an optimal average yield of 1.5 kg per 1 sq. M. Approximate duration of plant growth from planting to presentation is 35 - 45 days, depending on the variety.

The plot, ideally, should be no less than 10 acres. Although there may be less (respectively, and sales will be less).

8 acres for dill and 2 weave for a bow (quite enough).
And so, 8 hectare = 800 sq.m. under dill.
800 sq.m. x 1.5 kg. x 70 rubles. = 84,000 rubles.
84 000 rubles of income for a month with a small.
Unexpectedly, the truth? But this is only with dill!

With a bow a little bit more complicated. We need to decide on the planting material (onion, seeds, black cherry, sowing, or all together), this will determine the volume of finished products. Prices for onions are almost the same as for dill.

Costs: The main costs are planting material, fertilizer and transportation costs. In aggregate, this is about 30% of income.

70% of the profit. Where else will you find such a business?

The main thing in this business is to find a sales outlet. You need to sell the goods, of course, in the nearest cities (shops, markets, etc.).


Buy seed can be in stores "garden-garden", at local wholesale bases. Delivery of goods to the points of sale is best done on your personal vehicles. If there is no car, look for the interested person, negotiate the cost of supplies.

Many, for sure, thought that this type of business is seasonal. But I assure you, in winter the demand is even better for greens, and the prices are higher. Therefore, in winter, there is not necessarily the availability of large areas. You just need to build a good greenhouse. The costs of building a greenhouse can be covered with funds from the sale of greenery over a seasonal period. And the demand for fresh greens has always been, is and will be.

More details about this business can be found in my book " Growing and selling dill and onion greens "