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Free promotional notebooks for students.

Free student notebooks

Students are a very large audience for advertising. It is advisable to advertise on notebooks and distribute these notebooks for free at educational institutions. According to calculations of income from advertisements advertisers should be enough to cover the costs of production and distribution of notebooks, as well as profit.


Consider a student. At least twice, he will look at his notes: first, when he writes them, and then when he leafs through before the exam. But more often it turns out that the student sees this ad more than five times. Students get even more. It goes without saying that the advertisement is read, and therefore fulfills its function. This business solution is already in effect not only in foreign countries, but also in some cities of our country. And, mind you, very successfully.

Long exposure to viewers. On average, it takes students 30 minutes to fill out a page, and before exams the notebook is scanned 3-5 times. This means that ads will be seen again and again.

Students keep notebooks long enough, while booklets and other print ads are most often thrown away right away (a dubious argument).

Notebooks for diligent students are usually copied before exams for not very diligent students. And if the advertising picture is interesting, then it will also provoke a discussion in the audience.

Note that the company does not place advertisements that can somehow harm students and their academic successes, that is, they consciously refuse most advertisers.


After all, the information we have is exclusively for a special group. Therefore, do not advertise baldness products or luxury goods. What the student is thinking about, being on a boring couple for an hour and a half. Most likely not about world peace. It would be better if it was an advertisement about places of entertainment, food, personal gadgets. For example: a nightclub, a fast-food eatery, mobile phones, stationery, foreign language courses, training at a driving school, and much more that your imagination is enough for.

Placement of advertising.

No one will read it if it is not located correctly. For example, on the back of a notebook. Information should be before your eyes, that is, on the sheets themselves. But, it is necessary that the notebook does not cease to fulfill its main function. Therefore, it is best to place an ad in the form of a small ribbon at the bottom. So she, on the one hand, will not interfere, and on the other, she is always in front of her eyes.


Will such notebooks be bought? More likely no than yes. But this is not a problem. It is not the one who will buy who pays, but the one who wants his advertisement to be read. Therefore, such notebooks are usually distributed free of charge to the student population. Is it profitable for us? Of course. Free distribution is also a kind of advertising. Therefore, it is beneficial for companies to post their information in these notebooks. They will pay you.

Unlike newspapers, where the cost of advertising is much higher, and the business itself is more complicated and costly, Eco-Notes do not require editors, and the return on advertising is higher. The readability of newspapers is low, it is only 75-85%, which means that not all newspapers reach their readers, part of the circulation is returned and thrown away, and then, not everyone reads all sections of the newspaper. Now there is a very clear tendency for advertisers to move away from Television and the press towards online and mobile content. Such advertising is much cheaper and more effective. People now rely less and less on newspapers. Such new advertising ideas are quite interesting and quite effective. By the way, in Japan there are many such goods that exist through advertising: business cards, pens, napkins, photocopies.

Such a business pays off quickly enough. See for yourself. A student’s notebook usually contains 48 to 96 sheets (sometimes more). Each page will fit at least two advertisements. There are a lot of notebooks. Even with the deduction of costs, the income from this business idea is obvious. And most importantly, the implementation itself is quite simple.