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New technologies in mobile communications - antenna amplifier.

Despite the prevalence of mobile phones and a huge number of mobile operators, the quality of mobile communication often leaves much to be desired, especially in places with a weak signal level: when traveling in the car, in elevators, in subways, in the subway, in the mountains, in summer cottages, far from populated areas, as well as in the roaming zone.

This problem was handled by CellFon’s technical solution - a passive antenna amplifier that stabilizes the incoming signal in places of uncertain and weak reception.

Antenna amplifier for mobile phones

Advantages of a passive antenna amplifier:
• Improves cell phone signal reception and its quality in places with poor signal reception, or when receiving with great interference.
• Strengthens a signal in the places remote from cellular towers.
• Provides fast connection and less battery power consumption.
• Improves signal quality, reduces linear noise and interference when working with any mobile operator.
• Easy to install, easily and discreetly fits inside the battery compartment.
• Reduces harmful wave radiation.

New technologies are increasingly capturing the modern market and provide an opportunity to build a business for anyone who wants to work. Therefore, if you want to become an innovator in the popular area of ​​new technologies and improve your financial condition, CellFon is the best option.

The ways of implementing amplifiers are different:
• through the Internet:
- Social networks
- Classified Ads
- Forums
• all types of sales:
Organize a sales department, distribute through a network of newspaper stalls, through networks of mobile phone shops, etc.
- Distribution of business cards on the street (pedestrians and motorists).
- Placement of various types of ads: for example, at the entrances
- Advertisements in newspapers.

Especially, it is necessary to pay attention to the implementation of antenna amplifiers in those places where it is especially needed: the subway, at the cottages, the nearest villages.

The benefit is obvious, for example: When ordering 100 amplifiers for 99 rubles, you will spend about 10,000 rubles. You will spend from 2,000 to 4,000 rubles for advertising (ordering flyers, printing ads, paying for advertisements in print media, etc.).

By implementing amplifiers at a retail price of 250 rubles / pcs. (or at the price you set), your income will be 25,000 rubles. With the deduction of expenses for the acquisition and sale of net profit will be 11,000 - 13,000 rubles , that is, from 110% to 130%.

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