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Aromatization and odor removal in the car.

I suggest you open your new business with a "0" or expand an existing business in the field of automotive services.

What is the essence of the question? A new service is offered in the CIS market - this is aromatization and 100% neutralization of unpleasant odors in the car. Elimination of the effect of "smoky" car interior.

In Ukraine, according to statistics, for every fifth resident, 1 car falls. Also registered several millions of freight and passenger transport.

It has long been a known rule of the market: to offer goods and services that are needed as the largest number of consumers. And if you can also offer a unique and yet new service on the market, then you will get the most cream, in the form of the highest earnings. Look on the Internet for an analogue of such a service, and you yourself will understand that you need to start early ...

Elimination of any unpleasant smell in the cabin and aromatization of a car is a unique offer on the market throughout the CIS. I brought this idea from the USA when I was visiting relatives in Florida, then I paid attention to the service at all car washes - “removing odor and deodorizing cars with the help of dry fog” . After personal testing on the "related" Toyota - I immediately went to the negotiations to the supplier company and within a month our company received the first batch of goods and an exclusive contract for sale in the CIS.

The essence of processing is as follows:

With the help of a special portable device ElectroGen special neutralizing or deodorizing compositions are transformed into a dry mist, which neutralizes the unpleasant smell of any origin in the most hard-to-reach places. The advantage of this method is that dry fog can penetrate completely inaccessible places: seams, upholstery and floor covering, under seats, in all air ducts, air conditioner evaporator and all other places where it is physically impossible to reach. The device turns approximately 4 grams of liquid into approximately 45-55 cubic meters in just 30 seconds!

cabin aromatizationremoving odors in the car

Dry fog treatment will give the car interior a unique, pleasant and fresh smell and with a slight shade of aroma to choose from, which will delight the car owner for a long time (from 30 to 60 days). Also available is a unique composition of "Tabak-Atak", which will bring the smell of tobacco smoke from your car, this service does not boast a single Christmas tree-freshener, or even the most expensive VIP-car wash premium.

Consider the option areas of application of the Electrogen machine in the case of the acquisition of a private person who does not have a related business and decided to start, though small, but his own business.

There are dozens of ways and methods to attract customers, which, in turn, by word of mouth will recommend you through the chain.

If you make a simple business plan, you get the following:

The cost of a tank of 3.8 liters with a special liquid is 210 cu (1680.00 UAH at the dollar rate of 8.00 UAH).

Accordingly, the cost of the 1st gram of liquid is about 45 kopecks.

On one car, we need a total of 9 grams. up to 20 gr. composition.

The amount of the cost of processing liquid (we take even the maximum number of 20 grams), we get: 20 * 0.45 = 9 UAH.

The average market price of the service for removing unpleasant odors and aromatization of the middle class car is from 80 to 100 hryvnia for 1 passenger car, from 90 to 120 UAH for a jeep or a minibus, and you can take 380-560 UAH from the bus.

You can set any price you think is profitable for you!

Total, we get the following profit from processing 1 passenger car (excluding overhead):

80 - 9 = 71 UAH. at the minimum cost and 100 - 9 = 91 UAH. at the maximum.

If you have additional questions, I ’m happy to help