Glowing photo paper.

The dynamically developing direction of luminescent (luminous) goods inexorably fills the markets of all CIS countries, Europe, America. The most successful in my opinion is such an invention as luminous photographic paper, because Now you can not only capture the bright moments of your life, but also make them bright even when there is no light.

Having investigated the demand, I came to the following conclusion: At a low cost, this product benefits from its quantity. Since printing shops and advertising agencies buy paper literally bundles. Not to mention private buyers who together also represent an excellent sales market.

Simplicity of production, and its undemanding conditions of storage allow you to conduct your business "at home". For advertising, you can use both the Internet and personal demonstrations to consumers, it will be enough to once see luminous photographic paper to form a desire to acquire it, because the craving for beauty is peculiar to man. And in order not to forget about you, give out your business cards made on this paper.

Luminous photographic paperSelf-luminous paper

There are various formats from A6 to A2, which allows you to vary the size of the image, making both a photo for your own room, and plans for evacuation in the enterprise.

Externally, the paper looks like ordinary photographic paper but is slightly more dense and shiny, it repels water and a post to weather conditions, which makes it possible to use it in the open air.

Glowing business cardsLuminous photos

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