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We make house signs.

Business with profitability of 436-1200%

How to make money on Glowing House Signs?

House Signs

This is a business where you can quickly and easily earn money if everything is organized wisely.

Many public and especially private houses do not have a sign with the house number or house sign. And many do not even know where to order them.

And what if you go through with samples of tablets and offer the owners beautiful signs for the house? Show several designs and shapes, including those glowing in the dark. This is generally exclusive.

Do you think they are hard and long to do? You are mistaken. Flat figure plate like this, you can do it all in 7 minutes! Of course, if all the workpiece is already at hand.

house signsmaking homemade house signs

You ask whether to make them profitable?
Judge for yourself, here are the prices on the Internet:

Flat plates 600 mm in size. by 300 mm. they sell for 980 rubles, and their prime cost is 81 rubles, if you take materials in bulk and 98 rubles, if at retail:

PVC costs- 33 rubles.
Background film-19.3 rub
Film for numbers-19.3 rubles
Cutting on a plotter-9.65 rubles


Light volumetric House sign in the size of 1 meter by 250 mm. worth 3450 rubles.

glowing house signsmanufacture of light house signs

Its cost price is 993 rubles. at retail prices and 790 at wholesale:

PVC (5) BOARD = 100 Rub
Plexiglass (3) = 193 rub.
PERSON CUT -0.25 = 51 rub.
FACE FACE = 28.6
FILTER BOARD-0.35 = 28.6 rubles.
LAMP = 125 rub.
THROTTLE-107 rub.
STARTER-14.3 rub.
HOLDERS LAMP-28.6 rub.
WIRE-18 rub.
GLUE-18 rub.

Profitability of 436%

Do you think that the price of House Signs in online stores
much overstated? Make your 2 times cheaper! There is much to move.

Tool for making house signs

It is not necessary to buy expensive equipment. Plotter cutting order on the side.
It remains to buy a power tool for $ 50 and various trivia such as a knife, scissors and rulers.
That's all the costs.