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Breeding fish and crayfish in the suburban area.

Breeding fish and crayfish - this idea of ​​business logically follows from two conjugate directions - fish breeding and breeding. In addition, fishing for many - a favorite hobby. And no one counts the money spent on fishing! I'm right?

Why not combine business with pleasure - fishing and earning money, and without leaving your dacha?

The fact is that fish and crayfish get along well enough together and give a good profit! So, let's use it for the good!

Many dacha sites, from Soviet times, have been allocated to the population in places of little use for agriculture. These are junky lands - slopes, swampy terrain, lowlands.

But, quite often, suburban areas are located on the banks of streams, rivers, canals, ponds. These are reservoirs from which water is taken for irrigation. Sometimes, artesian wells were punched for irrigation, if there were no reservoirs nearby.

If your dacha section already has a pond or it borders on your hacienda - EXCELLENT!

If there is none, you will need to dig a pond in the lowest part of the site. Depth to make not less than 1 meter, other sizes - at your discretion. Dig to the clay, compact the soil, cement.

You can cover the bottom of the future reservoir with a thick polyethylene film - it will serve with careful use for more than one year. We are considering a low-budget option? Some dacha owners glue pieces from cargo car chambers - a reliable shell turns out, which will serve you for many years.

The only thing - in the fall of such a reservoir you need to completely remove water!

Then, we cover the top parts of polyethylene or rubber under the ground and plant shrubs and grass around the water body - willow, cattail, reeds and other water-loving plants. A little soil should be placed in a reservoir and planted with the same cattail and reeds - they grow quickly and will serve as an ornament of the reservoir and protection for fish and crayfish.

At the bottom of the reservoir it is useful to lay stones, broken pots, pipes - these are shelters for crayfish from fish. Since the crayfish during the moulting dump shell, and at this time become a tasty morsel for the fish.

Fill the reservoir with water. As a rule, water is not chlorinated in dachas. is supplied from nearby reservoirs or artesian wells.

Everything, you can stock up! Carp and crucian are very well established in small ponds - catch them fishing or, in extreme cases, buy! The same applies to cancers.

carp breedingcrayfish breeding

How much is needed? It all depends on the volume of your pond. For 1 cubic meter of water there are, approximately, 10 - 20 fish and the same number of crayfish. Here also consider! What to feed? And what do you feed fish and crayfish on fishing?

It is necessary to stock a pond in the spring, and in the autumn "to harvest". Surplus - relatives, neighbors in the country, etc.

But these are small volumes of products. To do such a thing seriously, you need to find a little-frequented reservoir, remove the weed from it, run carp avians, for example, and crayfish. After 3 years, "free" carp without feeding will reach a weight of 2 -3 kg, and crayfish - 300 grams. Now this is sorted products!

A kilogram of carp is currently 150.0 rubles per kilogram, crayfish - up to 500 rubles. Calculate the profit: if you run 1000 of carp and crayfish? And if more? Impressive?

Similar businesses are engaged in Siberia, take over the experience!