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Pictures of dried flowers - stylish and profitable.

Friends! Have you seen pictures of dried flowers in stores? Not? No wonder! This business is practically not developed in the CIS countries, the niche is free! Want to take it? Fine!

What is a picture of dried flowers? This is a composition of dried flowers and plants, enclosed in a frame and under glass. In a sense, this is a collage, but still, the term picture is more suited to this work of art. Yes, exactly, to the work of art!

Pictures of dried flowers are collected by hand and always - in a single copy. It is impossible to make two identical compositions!

Pictures of dried flowers are very stylish and expensive. And the second aspect is good for us!

The approximate cost of such paintings in the range of 1500 - 3000r. Depending on the size and quality of workmanship.

It is very difficult - you say! Nothing like this! Did you collect herbarium at school? It is practically the same!

Investments in such a business are minimal. The money will go to the purchase of frames of different formats, which are sold in any department of stationery.

As for the main material for the paintings - plants and flowers - they are everywhere: in the front garden and in the yard, in the country house and in the garden, on the lawn and in the forest. Everywhere!

Pictures of dried flowers

The main task is to collect and dry them in time! After drying, you can proceed to the "assembly" of the picture. For a start, you can take for a sample any card, photo or picture of flowers. And, looking at her, make a composition.

Another option is to draw a sketch of the future picture and build it. It all depends on your level of preparedness. The main adhesive for assembling the composition is PVA. Each subsequent picture will be “simpler and easier” for you, skill and experience will appear.

Pictures of dried flowers - a very good gift for any celebration. Unlike fresh flowers, such a composition will be preserved for years, bringing joy and pleasant memories.

The initial circle of potential buyers is your environment, friends and acquaintances. Further - more - souvenir shops and a gift with your hands will tear off your pictures, the main thing is not to sell cheap. We must keep the brand!