Agency for the creation of business plans (business planning services).

In today's world it is rare to find a person who does not want to be rich, have a lot of free personal time, complete independence and freedom of action. Yes, we all dream about it, but some of these dreams are replaced by others, and in others these dreams come true. The key to making dreams is your own successful business. His small business - allows a person, without major investments and connections, to gain material independence, happiness and success. Demand - gives rise to the proposal, and therefore it will be a question of profitable activity in the sphere of small business, in which demand exceeds supply.

When creating your business, as a rule, there are many questions, such as: How to open a business? What idea to choose? What can I do? Where to begin? Where to get capital? How, and where to find the necessary valuable information? and others. In many cases, there are no answers to these questions, in the end: time goes by - there is no result.

I offer you not just another "business idea", I propose a real business model of a successful company , the realization of which will bring profit both in Moscow and in the regions (in any city) with minimal investments.

Why do I need this?
If the idea is excellent, and I'm doing it, why tell and help potential competitors?

First: any businessman knows - competition, helps to develop and earn more, thanks to the forced search for new solutions, as a result of competition.

Second: I'm a practicing businessman, and now I'm engaged in construction, but I started with the agency for creating business plans (profitably sold the business in 2010). Frankly, I was motivated to write this business idea one weighty fact: From time to time, I read business ideas, communicate in forums, and have long noticed that many ideas (in my opinion) presented on the Internet, simply by their description and concept , No longer allow a person to earn money, but someone writes them, and pursues some goal !? Therefore, I decided to describe my experience of doing business in the service sector, I am sure that my experience will be useful for beginning entrepreneurs, especially since ultimately this can lead to new acquaintances with those who are interested in this topic, and dating is not superfluous.

Essence of ideas and calculations
The goal: the creation of a company engaged in the development and compilation of business plans for individuals and legal entities.

Minimum investment: 70,000 rubles;
Preferred investments: 200 000 rubles (+ Internet site, + additional advertising, + more frames initially, + stock);

All figures I quote are real, for 2010 - 2011 (the average for a city with a population of 1 million or more), it is possible in your city the cost of services is lower.

1. Develop the concept of the company (the method of developing a business plan (business planning), the sales strategy, the action plan, the organizational plan, the definition of the target audience and so on, in other words, understand who and what will answer in your company, what you and Etc. (It's very long to paint this idea, more than that, it's nuances and not an "idea-business", in addition, it's most useful to develop a concept independently, this will allow you to really estimate your own strengths) (independently - for free, for fee 10 000, I do not provide a concept, I can only advise where to start);

2. rent an office (from 10 000 to 30 000 rubles per month);

3. register the company (from 3000 (independently) approximately 10 000 if you seek help). For this activity, the preferred form of LLC registration, I will not go into details, it will be easier with taxes and documents (it is in this kind of activity), it is checked;

4. hire staff, delegate duties (cleaning the premises, monitoring electrical wiring, etc. usually included in the package of maintenance of removable offices, otherwise hire firms contractors or private specialists, payment 2 000 - 7 000 rubles). You will need the following personnel:
- Accountant (in case you open an IP, you can do without an accountant, if an LLC, then you can not do without an accountant, it is desirable that the accountant was concurrently a lawyer / HR (basic knowledge) payment 10 000 - 15 000 rubles);
- 3 employees (One (manager) is responsible for the development of the company (search for customers, setting up connections, increasing the number of customers, etc.); payment 10 000 - 12 000 (in the first few months, these responsibilities can be assumed); The remaining (2 specialists) will be engaged in the development of business plans, the payment of a piece-rate (salary + percentage) 8 000 - 12 000. For economy, at the initial stage, it is possible to attract students of the 4th and 5th courses in the corresponding specialty instead of specialists);

5. advertising (5 000 - 15 000 rubles, monthly);

6. equipment and other (purchase of several computers, furniture, cash, internet site, office, etc., preferably in credit / installments, to reduce initial investment (help get rid of taxes in the first 6-12 months) 40 000 - 70 000 rubles, in installments for a year, monthly payments will be only 4 000 - 8 000 rubles monthly);

7. Your salary is 10 000 - 40 000 rubles (as the business develops);

Total in the amount of:

Initial investments (including the first month of work): from 70 000 rubles (if independently and economically) to 150 000 rubles (if you use the services of other companies);

Monthly costs: from 65 000 to 130 000

In the planning there is no indication of the amount of tax payments, that's why: for the first 6-12 months, almost any accountant can easily reduce the company's taxes to 0-3000 rubles, fixing "zero profit", how much you receive - so much and spend (invest), with Provided that you have chosen the right taxation system (with profit). All employees are taken for a trial period of 2 months (not in the state), then it is better to offer them work through a service contract (tax paid by you is "0"). The bookkeeper and myself - in the state, + 10 000 - 15 000 for taxes, in the pension fund.

Income, profit:
The cost of business planning, depending on the complexity ranges from 15 000 to 100 000 (rarely more); 15 000 - 30 000 (simple projects), 30 000 - 60 000 (medium projects), 60 000 - 100 000 (complex projects);

1 specialist, can develop a month, on average: either 4 simple, or 2 medium, or 1 complex project.

The minimum income from the work of two specialists, with full workload: 2 * (4 * 15 000) = 20 000 rubles;

The maximum income from the work of two specialists, with full workload: 2 * (2 * 60 000) = 40 000 rubles;

In practice, full-time employees are taken out on the second - third month of the company's work, and bring in an average income, in this case 160 000 - 180 000 rubles;

Minimum profit: minimum income (120,000) - maximum expenses (130,000) = 10,000 rubles

Maximum profit: maximum income (240,000) - minimum expenses (65,000) = 75,000 rubles

In practice, by the third - fourth month, the net profit of the company is 50 000 - 70 000; In a year 100 000 - 250 000 monthly (depending on the pace of development); This is in view of the fact that your salary in addition to this profit is 40,000 rubles.

These are approximate figures, calculated and practical. Real (in practice) payback of the project, comes in 3 - 5 months, taking into account all unforeseen expenses. So dare, and do not think that "niche is busy", nothing like this, the organization of this business, at least within the next 5 to 10 years, will be successful, with a competent approach.

Average payback period:
Initial investments: - 150 000 + net profit (PE) of the first month 10 000 + PE of the second month 40 000 + PE of the third month 50 000 + PE of the fourth month 60 000. Taking into account various influencing factors 3 - 5 months;


Naturally, having opened - your company, will develop, how much violently - it depends on you, for a year you can "grow" up to 7 specialists and 3 managers, get a secretary, while having an appropriate income .. In my company was about 30 employees (10 in the state, other freelancers);

It will be useful, when organizing this business, to purchase a subscription for 1 year of consulting services, from firms providing analytical information, or specifically to allocate a person for the collection of analytics; As in any business, there are a lot of nuances, they can not be told and taken into account, I tried to convey the main meaning.



Demand for business planning and the creation of business plans will always, moreover, as the business develops, demand does not decrease, but grows, this can and should be earned. Hundreds of new companies that need business plans open daily, constantly more than 20% of business owners order services - to develop a business plan, to develop a new line of business for their companies ...

The niche in this business is not the most free, but not too busy, it is easier to open a business in the sphere of rendering business planning services every 30 (in my senses) than in the sphere of trade (clothes or cell phones for example), which is so familiar to our people (buy Sell). It is easier, simpler, more reliable, because there is a demand that exceeds the supply, and will exceed exactly 5-10 years exactly.

Moreover, realizing yourself in this business, you get very useful acquaintances, which in the future will help you multiply your incomes in dozens of times (from your experience).

Start, act! If you are afraid to invest, or you do not have 100 000 - 200 000 rubles, you can always start with the simplest, independently provide business planning services, this can also be earned well, and you can learn in only 1-2 months (2- 5 hours daily), with a competent approach. In this case, the investments will be about 10 - 30 tr. for education. This is actually the work of a freelancer, several such specialists worked for me, on a piece-rate basis.

In case you liked the idea, I can send a selection of useful materials on this topic - for free, or answer a few specific questions, I leave my mail for communication [email protected] (Ivan), I'll answer on the possibility.