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Voltage 220 V from a 12 volt battery

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Voltage 220 V from a 12 volt battery

How to get alternating voltage 220 V from a 12 volt battery
With this device you can get a variable voltage of 220 V from a 12 volt battery. His scheme was published in the Bulgarian journal "Mlad Constructor". It is based on a multivibrator with transistors VT 3? VT4? Operating at 50 Hz. The transistors VT1, VT2 and VT5, VT6 assembled powerful amplifiers, loaded onto a matching transformer T1 with a capacity of 100 watts. Its secondary winding is designed for a voltage of 220 V and a current of 0.5 A, two primary windings, each for 10 V and 10 A. The converter can power electric lamps, soldering irons, coffee makers and other electrical appliances for which the rectangular form of voltage does not matter. The device can serve as an emergency source of mains voltage. The semiconductor devices indicated on the diagram can be replaced by domestic ones: VD1 / VD2 - КД213, VT5 - КТ814, КТ816, VT3? VT4 - KT 315, KT312 with any letter indices.