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The trick of the trick about how you can drink from a closed bottle (cans)

Such a trick I often did in cafes and restaurants, great fun.

I remember my first time!

As if we were sitting in a cafe company. We ordered two bottles of wine for the ladies. And one I asked to leave closed. And he told everyone that I could drink wine from a closed bottle, but from the open wine it would decrease !!! Moreover, without any deception!

Everyone was quickened! One guy said that this is not possible, but I said let's argue!

He was supported by three more. At stake were three hundred bucks!

I gladly demonstrated how it is possible! And he drank the wine from the closed bottle, (without opening it at all), but from the open it was waning!

In this trick, there is not a verbal trick and tricks, and there are various nonsense of this kind.

I have often surprised with such a trick and you will not believe naspor I earned for all time 1700 bucks. And the mobile phone is cool. And most importantly it's cool fun!

It's simple and ingenious !!!

Turn over the closed bottle (jar) and pour from the open into the recess on the bottom closed and drink as if from a vessel. Then the conditions will be satisfied.

And it turns out that you drink from the closed, and from the open will decrease.

There are cavities on many bottles, and on all cans of beer!

Simple and ingenious!