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Super-purification of the whole organism

Super-purification of the whole organism

1. CLEANING THE LIVER . During the week, vegetarian food, then at 7 am, an enema on an empty stomach and a full day of eating apple juice. 2 day - apple juice, 3 day - apple juice until 19 hours, at 19 hours the liver relaxes, and cleaning begins. You need to lie on your right side on the heating pad. After every 15 minutes take 3 tbsp. spoons of lemon juice and 3 tbsp. spoons of sunflower oil, just drink up to 200 grams. Warm up the heater for 2-3 hours, until the intestines work. Then the stones will go. In the morning, make an enema.

2. CLEANING JOINTS . Take 5 gr. bay leaf, pour 300 gr. water, boil for 5 minutes, then - in a thermos for 3 hours, you need to hold the thermos 15 minutes open , then close. After 3 hours, merge the solution and drink in small sips for 12 hours. And so 3 days, then a week later 3 more days. During this period, the food is vegetarian. Treatment   spend the first year once a quarter, then once a year.

3. STONES IN KIDNEYS . 1) The whole season there are watermelons with black bread. The most suitable time for the removal of stones - 2-3 hours of the night. You need to sit in a hot bath and eat a watermelon with black bread. 2) During the week vegetarian food, drink tea with honey and herbs: oregano, sage, lemon balm, sporish, St. John's wort. 3 tbsp. spoons of herbs gathering on 300 gr. boiling water, insist and every 100 gr. add 5 drops of fir oil. All mixed and slowly through a straw. And so for 5 days, then stones start to come out.

4. CLEANING OF THE UROLLEY SYSTEM . Take a half-liter jar, fall asleep 2 tbsp. spoons of rice, add water to the brim and insist for 24 hours. The next day, rinse, pour again with clean water and on the same day put another jar and so up to 5 cans. When the rice in the first bank is soaked for 5 days (change water every day), cook it and eat it in the morning on an empty stomach, after which 4 hours not to drink and eat nothing. Do not panic if urine becomes like a dirty kissel - it means that the body is cleansed. Breakfast from rice is for 2 months, moving the cans and washing rice.

5. CLEANING LYMPH . Take 200 gr. juice of grapefruit, 900 gr. orange juice, 900 gr. lemon juice, 2 glasses of melted water from the refrigerator. All this for one day. In the morning, make an enema and take a laxative, then bask in a shower or in a bath and every 30 minutes drink a mixture of juice and water in half a glass. (Drink within 3 days).

6. CLEANING THE INTESTINE . 2 l cooled boiled water, add 4 tbsp. spoons of lemon juice or on the tip of a knife of citric acid. Do an enema the 1st week at 5-7 am on an empty stomach every day, the 2nd week in a day, the 3rd week in 2 days, the 4th week in 3 days, the 5th week just 1 time. It is recommended that you drink only fresh juices.