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Super cleanse the whole body

Super cleanse the whole body

1. CLEANING THE LIVER . During the week, vegetarian meals, then at 7 am on an empty stomach enema and all day meals with apple juice. 2 day - apple juice, 3 day - apple juice until 19 o'clock, at 19 o'clock the liver relaxes, and cleaning begins. You need to lie on the right side of the heating pad. Every 15 minutes take 3 tbsp. spoons of lemon juice and 3 tbsp. spoons of sunflower oil, just drink up to 200 grams. Keep the heating pad for 2-3 hours until the intestines work. Then the stones will go. In the morning to do an enema.

2. CLEANING JOINTS . Take 5 grams. bay leaf, pour 300 gr. water, boil for 5 minutes, then - in a thermos for 3 hours, you need to hold the thermos for 15 minutes open , then close. After 3 hours, drain the solution and sip 12 hours. And so 3 days, then a week later 3 more days. During this period, vegetarian food. Treatment   spend the first year 1 time per quarter, then 1 time per year.

3. STONES IN KIDNEYS . 1) The whole season is watermelon with black bread. The best time for the discharge of stones - 2-3 hours of the night. You need to sit in a hot bath and eat watermelon with black bread. 2) During the week, vegetarian meals, tea with honey and herbs: oregano, sage, lemon balm, knotweed, St. John's wort. 3 tbsp. spoons of herbs for 300 gr. boiling water, insist and in every 100 grams. add 5 drops of fir oil. Mix everything and drink through a straw slowly. And so 5 days, then begin to leave the stones.

4. CLEANING OF THE URINOCAL SYSTEM . Take a half-liter jar, fall asleep 2 tbsp. spoons of rice, add water to the brim and insist day. The next day, rinse, refill with clean water and on the same day put another can and up to 5 cans. When the rice in the first jar is soaked for 5 days (change the water every day), cook it and eat it in the morning on an empty stomach, after which you do not drink or eat anything for 4 hours. Do not be alarmed if the urine will look like a dirty jelly - this means that the body is cleansed. A breakfast of rice is eaten for 2 months, moving cans and washing the rice.

5. CLEANING LYMPHY . Take 200 gr. grapefruit juice, 900 gr. orange juice, 900 gr. lemon juice, 2 cups of melt water from the fridge. All this for one day. In the morning, make an enema and take a laxative, then bask in the shower or in the bath and drink a mixture of juice and water every half minutes in half a glass. (Drink for 3 days).

6. CLEANING THE INTESTINE . 2 l chilled boiled water, add 4 tbsp. spoon of lemon juice or on the tip of a knife citric acid. Do an enema 1st week at 5-7 am on an empty stomach every day, 2nd week every other day, 3rd week after 2 days, 4th week after 3 days, 5th week just 1 time. It is recommended to drink only fresh juices.