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Smoke hood from ordinary newspapers and ammonium nitrate

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

Here we will tell you how to make a high-quality powerful smoke bomb from ordinary newspapers and ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate), which is sold in the fertilizer store for only 10-20 rubles per kilogram.

First you need to prepare a solution of nitrate. One liter of the solution should contain 300 grams of ammonium nitrate.

Simply put, we weigh 300 grams of ammonium nitrate, pour it into a liter bottle and then fill the last with water and shake it so that the nitrate dissolves (it dissolves very well).

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

If there is no need to weigh, then just choose a container (in this case, a half-liter plastic bottle of mineral water was used) in which you want to bring the solution and fill it with a third of ammonium nitrate: One liter of solution containing 300 grams of ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate) is enough approximately for impregnating 40 newspaper sheets.

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

After that, fill with water and wait for the nitrate to dissolve (the solution will become very cold). A foam appears at the top, which must be carefully drained. After that you can put in a bottle of flowers. Now we put a newspaper sheet on the floor (away from walls, furniture, etc.) and wet it from pshikalki:

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

After the first sheet is completely saturated with the solution, put another sheet on top of it, firmly press it and pshikayem, until it also gets wet. After wetting the last sheet of the quantity you need, turn the wet pile of newspapers over to the opposite side (so that it is better soaked).

Now go to the drying.

Newspapers can be laid out on the floor. But in no case should they be left in direct sunlight!

After the newspapers dry, proceed to the manufacture of smoke ducts.

The manufacture of smoke from 10 sheets

Carefully bend the surveyed newspaper sheet:

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

Then again bend, So do with ten sheets. We take one bent sheet, tightly twist it to the middle, put another in it and twist further. When we reach the middle again, put another sheet. Etc. Everything should be very tight!

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

After twisting the last one - rewind the resulting product with scotch tape and take it from the ends. Smoke filling is ready!

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

Other fumes

Depending on the desired size and power of the smoke bollard, it is possible to bend the settled sheets in different ways. The main thing is that the smoke smoke does not turn out to be too thin and long or very thick and short.

For example, to make a small smoke filter from a single sheet, the last one is better to bend along 8 times, and for a three-leaf one - across 8 times:

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

And so on ... It all depends on your imagination.

It should also be noted that it is not recommended to produce smoke charges from more than 10 newspaper sheets, since in the process of smoke emission, a fire may occur, and the effect, of course, will not be the same.

During the experiment, on the basis of which this article was compiled and the corresponding photos were taken, 150 grams of ammonium nitrate were used (the volume of the solution is 0.5 liters). It was possible to prosilitat 19 newspaper sheets and make one of the smoke, one, three, five and ten sheets (in the photo - respectively):

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

Housings for smoke bombs

The checker, twisted of ten sheets, in the process of smoke evolution will fluff out and it may ignite (especially if you use it in the wind), which is highly undesirable. It is necessary to make the case.

For this, a half-liter aluminum can is ideal:

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

Carefully cut off the top cover from her and then completely cut off the bottom. Insert the twisted chimney hood there (if it hangs out, wind it up with a little ordinary paper) so that it reaches the end. After that - cut off the excess metal so that the edges of 1 cm remain:

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

Then gently fold them:

Дымовуха из обычных газет и аммиачной селитры

Smoke hood ready!

* For the manufacture of cases to other smokes, you can use any container, for example, a can from under the deodorant. In this case, it should always be remembered that both ends of the dymovuhi should be open.

Sometimes you have to fit the smoke hood itself (the number of sheets, etc.) under the body. Here, act yourself.

Storage and use of smoke from newspapers

To put the smoke chimney in action - set it on fire from the side and wait for smoke streams to come out of it (this is not dangerous). Then throw aside.

Freshly made newspaper smoke bombs burn quickly and emit a lot of thick white smoke. But if they are stored for a long time (six months or more), then they lose their strength: they are harder to feed, they burn more slowly and smoke less.

Therefore, it is best to use them within 1-2 months from the date of manufacture and stored in plastic bags to protect from moisture.

Security measures


After working with ammonium nitrate, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and a place where newspapers were nitrate, all containers, tubes, etc.

Keep ready smokes must be away from fire and from children!

In the event of a smoke gage fire in the room, fill it with water or throw it through the window into the street.

In no case should you cover it with anything: atmospheric oxygen is not required for the smoke to be emitted, so it will not go out (and what is even worse - something can burn next to it!).

Denial of responsibility


A method of making smoke charges from paper and nitrate has been known for a very long time and has been published on many Internet resources.

The technology described on this site only describes in more detail the method of manufacture and is intended solely for entertainment purposes.

For any illegal actions, as well as harm to health directly by the manufactured product itself (smoke poisoning, burns) or its components (ammonium nitrate poisoning), the author of this site does not bear any responsibility.