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Hair removal recipes

Рецепты эпиляции (удаления волос)

Hair removal recipes

1. 10 g of quicklime and the same amount of calcium sulfide mix to obtain a paste. Place where you want to remove hair, spread with dry paste and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse with plenty of water. Do not allow paste to enter the eyes!

2. 10 g of quicklime, 5 g sodium sulfide (or potassium) and 10 g starch mixed with a small amount of distilled water to obtain a thick slurry. To remove hair, it is enough to apply freshly prepared gruel for 5-8 minutes.

3. 50 g of antifebrin mixed with 85 g lanolin, heating the mixture in a water bath. Then cool the mixture. Immediately before use with continuous stirring 15 g perhydrol (30% hydrogen peroxide solution). It is enough to lightly smear this mixture in the right places. After the procedure, lubricate the skin with any cream.

4. 150 g of dope grass, along with its roots, are boiled in 1 liter of water for 25 minutes. Broth grease the right areas of the body 3 times a day.

5. Burn the walnut shell on gas. Ash grind into powder and dissolved in boiled water at the rate of: ash 3 nuts + teaspoon of water. This solution to lubricate the body parts 3 times a day.

What is laser hair removal

Laser hair removal technology is as follows. In the process of removing excess hair, the laser beam selectively affects the hair follicle pigment, without damaging the surrounding tissues and providing painless epilation.

Damage occurs both to the hair itself and to the hair follicle, the follicle. And hair after epilation stops growing - it’s not for nothing that a professional epilation with a neodymium laser is considered a prescription for permanent hair removal. But since normally not all follicles, but only a part of them, “work” for a person, the laser hair removal procedure is repeated after a certain time.

When using a neodymium laser as a means of hair removal, the best results are achieved forever in people with dark hair but fair skin. For effective hair removal of blond hair, repeated sessions of laser hair removal will be required: the exact number of them for laser hair removal will be determined by the cosmetician after an individual consultation.

The essence of the method of laser hair removal is such that this method of hair removal is practically painless and local anesthesia before hair removal with the Fotona DSP neodymium laser is not required. Sensations during laser hair removal are somewhat reminiscent of sensations of exposure to hot.

Epilation bikini area Epilation bikini area

Methods for hair removal in the bikini very much. Only after some terrible irritation occurs, and after the other hairs grow unpleasantly into the skin.

Bare ambitions: depilation at home Bare ambitions: depilation at home

A woman’s life is complicated by as many as 5 million hairs covering the entire body. And for these five millions there are several dozens of very different ways of dealing with them ...

Depilation Depilation

Have you ever lost your presence of mind, lost in the long rows of cosmetic products in the supermarket? If yes, then this article is for you.

Smooth legs are not a dream! Smooth legs are not a dream!

It is time for short skirts and dresses, the sun and love. And we women want to have beautiful smooth and delicate skin on the legs.

Waxing: Pros and Cons Waxing: Pros and Cons

Waxing - temporary hair removal with various types of wax. Compared to other hair removal techniques ...

Preparing the body for the summer Preparing the body for the summer

To get rid of unwanted body hair, women at all times had to spend a lot of time and patience.

Photoepilation Photoepilation

Photoepilation technology is the most painless, safe and effective method of radical hair removal.

How to shave How to shave

Shaving is one of the most popular ways to get rid of unnecessary vegetation on the body. Cheapness favorably distinguishes it from other hair removal methods ...

Epilation and design bikini area Epilation and design bikini area

Interest in bikini design is growing. And perhaps he would be even more, we understand better what is behind this word.

Hair must leave the body Hair must leave the body

For ancient people, the problem of excessive hairiness and epilation did not exist. After all, hair performs a lot of useful functions.

Price of exposure Price of exposure

“Well, no, this is too much!” I said to myself, shaving my legs and cutting my ankle once again. One may smear the extremities with numerous gels

Electric hair removal Electric hair removal

For a long time was the most radical and effective method of getting rid of excess hair in just a few sessions. But, the procedure is rather long and painful.

Do hair removal Do hair removal

A woman’s skin should be clean and smooth. This is the law of modern fashion, which involves exposure, exposure and transparent outfits.

Laser hair removal Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal - a method of getting rid of "unwanted" hair with a laser. The essence of the method lies in the effect of the light beam on the reproductive system of the hair ...

Iron against wool Iron against wool

A beautiful female body should be smooth - no extra hair. That is, when there are many of them on the head, this is very much appreciated. But on other parts of the body ...

Epilation and depilation Epilation and depilation

Fighting unwanted vegetation on the body and face is difficult, but not hopeless! Can you imagine how you would look after your appearance if you lived about two thousand years ago?

What is the difference between different methods of electrolysis? What is the difference between different methods of electrolysis?

We have already managed to consider many methods of hair removal and depilation. However, they didn’t stop more or less in detail on electrolysis, as they received quite a few negative reviews on this score.

What is the difference between the terms "hair removal" and "depilation"? What is the difference between the terms "hair removal" and "depilation"?

Depilation is the removal of hair by any mechanical means, using various types of wax (warm, hot, cold), electrofibilators, simply removing tweezers.

How to choose an epilator How to choose an epilator

You must admit that for us - for women - this topic is relevant at any time of the year (not only in the summer!). Let's not dwell on the reasons for hair removal - we each have several, and each sets its priorities in its own way.

Epilation and depilation Epilation and depilation

To date, there are a dozen methods for eliminating unwanted hair: from super-famous laser hair removal, which has become short in time, to unfamiliar Russian women.