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Fat soup

Fat soup

In a large pot, chop 1 cabbage, 2 bell peppers and 1 onion. Cut 4 carrots into strips, add 500g (it is possible and less) canned peas together with juice and 2 fresh crushed tomatoes (it is possible and canned, without a skin). Fill all this with cold water and cook without salt, seasonings and spices until the products soften. At will, you can add a bouillon cube, but you can do without it. In the finished soup you can sprinkle finely chopped greens.

Do not be afraid that the soup will turn out thick and that there is a lot of it. It should be so. This portion should be enough for 3 days. Cook it 2 times a month. After 10-11 days, a new portion of soup is prepared, which is enough for 3 more days off. And all of them - 6 days a month.

These days it is very important to observe the following rules: on the first day there is only soup and fruit - any, except bananas; in the second - only soup and raw vegetables; the third day - soup, vegetables and fruits, other types of food to exclude; drink plenty of pure water and herbal tea.

Soup is best for breakfast and dinner, and in the afternoon - chew either vegetables or fruits. On other days, except for unloading, before going to bed it is useful to drink kefir. It is also desirable (but not necessary) to minimize meat consumption.