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The recipe for the preparation of medicinal vodka

The recipe for "therapeutic" vodka

Incredible discovery.

Scientists and engineers of Ukraine for the first time in the world have developed a technological process built on   Kiev plant "Relay and Automatics" installation В ІН-7 "Nadiya" for obtaining healing relic or "light" water, which is endowed with previously unknown unique healing properties.       

This discovery in its significance for humanity can be equated with other great scientific discoveries of our century! However, it has great advantages in comparison with others, taking into account that direct benefit, which is aimed at maintaining health and   human longevity.

Relict water comes into the fight with any disease by increasing the vital forces of the body, improving significantly the activity of the immune and endocrine systems. Then, having received, figuratively speaking, a living charge, the body itself suppresses the disease. Even so heavy and dangerous as cancer, sclerosis, diabetes, AD disorders, other serious illnesses   and strengthens health and increases the life expectancy of a person.

Based on the above discovery, I managed to make an invention, and call it "Medicinal Vodka". The invention is patented.

"Therapeutic vodka."

The invention relates to alcoholic beverages, in particular vodka, and can be used in the alcoholic beverage industry.

All the vodka that was produced before was used as a consumer product.

The invention of this vodka is based on the task of having   preventive and curative properties.

The problem is solved by the fact that in "Medicinal Vodka", which contains a water-alcohol liquid from ethyl rectified alcohol and a sweetener, according to the invention, "light water" (relic) is used as water, and glucose as a sweetener, with the following ratio of ingredients:

for 100 dal (given - the term in alcohol production) of finished products:

Glucose, kg   -   0.05-0.15;

Water-alcohol liquid from ethanol and "light" water dm3   -   the remainder.

That is, you can write this with the formula: Alcohol + Light water + Glucose = 40 degrees.

Light water is treated and facilitated by the great number of diseases, even such terrible as cancer and AIDS. This water normalizes blood pressure, rejuvenates a person, restores sexual power, increases life expectancy.

Our scientists treated such famous people as Kim Il Sung, Deng Xiao Ping, Indira Gandhi and many others with this water, as in this field of science we are still on the first place in the world. This was written in the newspaper "Facts" for September 22, 1999 (for an extract from the newspaper, see below). As reported in the above newspaper, it can be manufactured by itself. The disadvantage of this water is that it quickly deteriorates during storage, and "Medicinal vodka" can last for years without losing its preventive and curative qualities.

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Extract from the newspaper "Facts" for September 22, 1999 p. 6 in abbreviated form.

Recipe for easy water.

1.   The initial water is boiled in glass or enameled dishes for 1-2 minutes.

2.   Sharply cool in running cold water to 20-30 g. FROM.

3.   Drain the water in glasses, widened upwards or in plastic bottles.

4.   Freeze the water in the freezer.

5.   After complete freezing, remove from the freezer and put in a container,

for example, in a pan of slow melting of ice.

6.   Melting is carried out before the formation of icicles the size of a walnut.

In this icicle contain poisonous and harmful components of water, including deuterium. Therefore, it must be caught with a spoon and discarded. Live melt water is heated not more than 95 gr. With (95 gr. C - this is bottom boiling) and is consumed during the course of the day.

The temperature of the water used is 35 - 42 g. FROM.

Professor Gennady Berdyshev: "With the help of our light water, North Korean leader Kim Il Sung got rid of gray hair, wrinkles and was able to become a father in 78 years.

Now Kiev and Moscow scientists undertook to provide this water for astronauts in interplanetary flights. The head of the life-support department of cosmonauts Yuri Sinyak from the Moscow Institute of Biomedical Problems, having familiarized himself with the new book of Ukrainian scientists Gennady Berdyshev, Ivan Varnavsky and Viktor Cherneyevsky, hurried to Kiev. After all, the book is devoted to the so-called light water, which has medicinal properties, and Moscow experts hope to provide this water with future multi-year space flights. Muscovites still do not have it even for the providence of research - they can not get more than one liter of light water per day. In Kiev, a much more efficient and unique technology has already been created.

Moreover, in Ukraine, studies of the properties of light water, and Professor Berdyshev from the Department of Genetics of the Kiev National University. T. Shevchenko has already treated her people. Back in the 80s, he used light water to rejuvenate the then leaders of Korea and China.

In Moscow, light water is sold at $ 8 per liter.

I note that the formula of water known from school is very conditional - it implies the presence of 36 varieties of water molecules with different weights. The heaviest (27 of them) are radioactive. If you reduce their content, water becomes, relatively speaking, easier and acquires special healing properties. For example, in the Kiev Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology, the effect of light water on the motility of human spermatozoa has been studied. It turned out that in light water they remain active about half as long as usual. We found out at the university that the life expectancy of the flies of Drosophila, which was given by light water, doubled.

If we talk about warm-blooded people , they should live about 40% longer if they drink light water. Of particular interest are experiments on rodents in which malignant tumors - light water has drastically slowed the development of cancer. Such examples can be continued. The same water should be repeatedly frozen, with each defrosting to throw out ice cubes: thus anyone can prepare curative water at home.

When in the 80s, at the suggestion of the World Health Organization, I was able to heal Kim Il Sung   and Deng Xiao Ping, I decided to use this water, "Professor Berdyshev continues. - The first we met when he was already over 70, but he remained surprisingly strong man, only a strand of gray hair could be seen in his hair. Actually, for his health, a group of doctors was supervised by the Soviet doctor Dr Bulavkin. In my functions was the rejuvenation of the North Korean leader. Twenty physicians handed me over to submit - getting the right amount of light water was a very laborious process.

In addition to the leader, I worked with his uncle and other senior officials of the DPRK. Kim Il Sung was pleased, and so did I, his gray hair turned black again, the folds on his forehead were smoothed out, but most importantly, the patient became much better and even at 78 he managed to become a father. Kim Il Sung awarded me the Order of Friendship - the highest award that foreigners can be awarded. In North Korea, they still remember me - almost every year they invite me to rest at their expense, read lectures, sing "Mercedes", an interpreter (always a beautiful girl) and four other assistants. I have been granted   the right to order any meals.

I started work abroad with the rejuvenation of Indira Gandhi - she wanted to return the pigmentation of a strand of gray hair near her forehead. But the elections were coming to an end, and we agreed that we would do the operations later. And soon Indira was killed.

By rejuvenating Deng Xiao Ping, I completed my career in Asia. I tried to dissuade the leader from receiving rice vodka, but nothing came of this undertaking - "I can not," he said, "I drink all my life."

However, Deng Xiao Ping drank moderately. Such impressive results as with   Kim Il Sung, this time is not achieved. After that, I had to work in China for two more years, but I was urgently sent to the Union to treat the first liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster. Here I also used light water. One of the main tasks was to return these young men sexual power. From many of them the wives were ready to leave, the morale of patients, naturally, was extremely depressing. In the course of several months I managed to cope with the disaster. Light water played a major role in this.