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Flavor DIY

Ароматизатор своими руками

Flavoring agents are substances that are used to impart certain smells to products or products, to create or improve aroma.

  • Flavoring agents refer to special products designed to impart a certain aroma to indoor air (for example, automobile flavors).
  • Flavoring agents are also called additives , which are introduced into some household products (for example, plastic products, rubber for odoration or deodorization, aromatization of synthetic leather under natural skin, etc.).
  • Food flavors are added to food products, animal feed, medicines, personal care products (such as toothpaste) to give them taste and smell, or to correct the existing taste and smell.

Anyone who, like me, loves the presence of all sorts of stinkers in the car or in the room, dedicate this article :)

Many of us do not think about how unpleasant smells sometimes spoil our mood. Some find a solution to the problem in the purchase of flavors for cars, which are often barely enough for a month. In search of the best aromatizer, it is better to turn on the fantasy, and not to sort through everything from the auto shop window.

If you like the smell of a freshener in the car and constantly choose a new skunk for you to smell better than the old one, or so that the smell does not put pressure on your brain - try to buy regular tobacco for hookah with your favorite smell and put a slightly incised wad in some pocket of the car salon.

In my car, a friend forgot a packet of tobacco. All weekend she stood in the parking lot and when I opened the door, I was surprised at how nice it smelled of watermelon in the cabin. I decided to leave the bag in the car and not to light it)) At the same time, while driving, I do not feel any discomfort, as if from cheap stinkers.

Ароматизатор своими руками

My recommendation for a hookah tobacco manufacturer is Al Fakher Tobacco . Natural smell is one of the main components of this tobacco.

Choosing the best flavor

Manufacturers tend to impose exotic flavors with difficult names to motorists, but in fact a person perceives familiar smells better. Thus, if you want to make a car flavoring with your own hands, think about what kind of filling it should have. You probably have the necessary ingredients in your kitchen or in the pantry.

When we buy flavoring for a car in a store, it is difficult to find smells that are practically “relatives” there. After all, the majority of these fragrant preparations for a car are not made in our country and therefore the smells there are mostly exotic. For myself, it is best to take a smell more familiar, and not this exotic. Perhaps you like coffee, then its grains, or rather their flavor, you will also be very pleasant. It is the coffee aroma that will be able to rid your salon of unpleasant odors, and besides it will help to remove general fatigue, which is very important behind the wheel. Coffee beans, if they are fresh, can freshen the air in the cabin long enough - almost a month. In addition to the pleasant aroma, this coffee flavor also absorbs moisture well.

In addition to coffee, there are still many different options for creating a pleasant aroma in your car. You can take cumin (who likes it), vanilla, a good option is also cinnamon (I advise you to read about its properties with honey right here) or anise. Essential oils (and their set) are very widely used to create various flavors, including the car. I can choose essential oil for myself, I think, without any problems at all due to their large selection. For example, cedar oil will help to create a rather light and relaxing atmosphere in the cabin. But any coniferous oil has a calming effect on the body. Well, the familiar lavender is also good for relieving general tension and calms your nerves (and there are different situations on the road!). If you want to add romance to the salon, then use patchouli oil for this. Of course, the main task of flavors, remove unpleasant odors. This is exactly what oils of lemon or bergamot do well, and eucalyptus oil is also suitable for this. In addition to using a single oil, they can also be mixed. Then the fragrance will be your own.

Coffee flavor

Ароматизатор своими руками

For example, if you are a coffee lover, you can pour coffee beans into a small bag to get a natural flavor for cars. Fresh grains will last more than a month. In addition to the aromatic properties of the grain have the ability to absorb excess moisture from the air.

Food flavor

Ароматизатор своими руками

If you are not a coffee lover, pay attention to aromatic grains such as anise, fennel or cumin seeds. See what you have in the kitchen and determine which condiments you and your family like more. You can choose vanilla or cinnamon.

Essential aromas

Ароматизатор своими руками

Homemade flavoring for cars can wait for you at the pharmacy. The shop windows are filled with all sorts of essential oils, among which you can find numerous famous names. To charge the atmosphere in the cabin, you can buy bergamot oil, which is a powerful aphrodisiac. To achieve the opposite effect, buy conifer oil. Cedar essential oil has a particularly pronounced relaxing effect.

How and from what can they be made?

In any cases, when we decided to do something with our own hands, we start from the easiest. This recipe is in this category and can be attributed. Everything is simple here, what is called “outrageously”, and such a flavor is actually made in a few minutes, when you have all the components at hand. And these components are as simple as the flavor itself, made from them.

Ароматизатор своими руками

Your first task is to find a small but cute jar. It is better, of course, if this jar is also with a lid. If you didn’t find the cover, you can cover it with foil in it, then make holes (with the same awl, you can use a needle or a toothpick). In this jar will need to pour a little soda, simple food. We will moisten this soda with any essential oil that you like. We drip the oil into the soda droplets 30. After that, the contents of the jar just shake. A jar with such flavored soda should be covered with a lid or foil, in which do not forget to make holes. It is through them that the pleasant aroma will freshen up your car. Such a freshener can be used for a very long time. When the smell weakens, it can be enhanced again by simply adding a new batch of drops of your favorite essential oil to the flavoring and shaking the soda in it again.

Thanks for attention. In the comments, suggest your own ways to make a good flavor.