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How to quickly and safely cut a glass bottle

Как разрезать стеклянную бутылку

The bottle (from French bouteille, possibly through Polish butelka) is a container for long-term storage of liquids, a tall vessel of predominantly cylindrical shape and with a narrow neck, convenient for corking. Large bottles are sometimes referred to as bottles .

It is made mainly of glass, often dark, recently bottles from polymeric materials (usually from polyethylene terephthalate) are widespread. Bottles from ceramics, metal and other materials are less common. Also known natural "pumpkin bottles" - calabash.

Why throw away glass bottles, if you can make delightful decorative elements from them that will look great in any interior, for example at home ... If you think that cutting a bottle is very difficult and even dangerous, you are mistaken. There are several simple ways to help you safely and quickly cut the glass so that you can begin to create your masterpiece.

How to cut a glass bottle

This video shows 2 ways to cut glass. One of them uses a glass cutter , and for the other you only need hot and cold water !

By cutting the bottle into 2 parts, you can make anything from it: from a candlestick or a glass to a coat rack. The main thing - to have a rich imagination!

Glass Bottle Products

Как разрезать стеклянную бутылку

You can make such cute vases of wine bottles.

Как разрезать стеклянную бутылку

Or shovels for cereals.

Как разрезать стеклянную бутылку

And even creative glasses!

Use this advice to add originality to your interior and make it unique. These unique things will surely decorate your home!

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