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Ways how to distinguish real spirits from forgery

Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

Perfumery (French parfumerie, from Latin per fumum - "through the smell") - a set of products used to aromatize something. Usually perfume products are liquid solutions. Solvents can be alcohol, a mixture of alcohol and water, dipropylene glycol and other liquids. Aromatic substances can be both natural origin (essential oils) and artificial (synthetic flavors, for example, vanillin).

Perfume - perfume (flavor), alcohol or alcohol solutions of mixtures of fragrant substances - perfume compositions and infusions. Of all the fragrances in perfumes, the concentration of essential oils (15 to 30 and more%) dissolved in almost pure alcohol (96%) is the highest. Therefore, the stability of the smell of perfume is much higher than that of other perfumes (5 or more hours, the cotton fabric should be at least 30 hours).

Even in a brand store, unfortunately, especially in our time of crisis, there is a risk of buying a fake instead of real spirits. This is not just insulting, but also very dangerous for your health. Remember the obvious signs by which you can recognize the fake, even if it is done professionally. We in have collected the best recommendations that will help you buy real spirits or scented water and not let yourself be deceived.

Cellophane packaging

Целлофановая упаковка - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

The box with the original perfume is covered with tightly stretched cellophane, which does not wrinkle, does not bulge and does not form folds. Polyethylene packaging of fake perfume often sits worse.

Accuracy of the seam

Аккуратность шва - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

Seam on a polyethylene package should not be wider than 5 mm, have irregularities and contain traces of glue. In the original, it is very thin and neat.


Картон - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

Manufacturers of this perfume do not save on cardboard, so they put a special design inside the box, and the spirits in such a package do not hang out. It should be made of quality cardboard and keep the bottle well.

See that the cardboard is white, not grayish

Inscriptions on the package

Надписи на упаковке - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

On the sign of ecological packaging (arrows forming a circle) the black arrow is always on top of the light one.

Do not be shy right in the store to check information on spirits with information on the manufacturer's website. If at least some detail does not match, you have a fake.


Дизайн - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

You can often see spirits that are very similar to famous originals by name and design. This allows firms that copy well-known spirits to protect themselves from litigation. Therefore, carefully look at the box and bottle.


Цвет духов - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

Famous brands often produce perfumes of pale shades, without a large number of dyes. The bright, "chemical" color of the liquid says that, most likely, you have a fake.

Vial cap

Крышка флакона - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

The original perfume lid is absolutely symmetrical, unless, of course, its design does not provide for the opposite.

Serial number of the lot

Серийный номер партии - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

It should be applied to the bottom of the bottle ( not glued! ).

In real spirits, it coincides with the number on the bottom of the cardboard box. It can be embossed or printed on it.


Флакон - Способы как отличить настоящие духи от подделки

The bottles of the original perfume are made very neatly. In counterfeiting, the bottle has joints, irregularities and uneven thickness.

In general, you can generalize that the original perfume, every detail is made qualitatively, from packaging and ending with a spray. If one looks closely at counterfeit spirits, they generally look less accurate.

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