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How to get rid of midges in the apartment

Как избавиться от мошек в квартире

Blackflies (lat. Simuliidae) - Diptera insects, the females of adults in most cases are a component of the complex of gnats. Currently, there are about 1,800 species of blackflies in the world fauna. The nearest living relatives of midges are considered to be mosquitoes. Blackflies are carriers of several diseases, including river blindness in Africa (Simulium damnosum and S. neavei) and America (S. callidum and S. metallicum in Central America, S. ochraceum in Central and South America). Fossil midges are known from the Middle Jurassic.

Blackflies in an apartment or house are not the most harmless insects. Belong to pests, spoiling food, indoor plants. From the midges in the house should be disposed of with the help of preventive measures and available improvised means.

Drosophila melanogaster, otherwise a fruit fly, or vinegar fly, is a small, about 3 mm long, insect of the family Drosophiliadae from the order Diptera. These flies can be observed around spoiled fruit. In nature, they also feed on plant sap, rotting plant debris. The larvae also feed on microorganisms. Drosophylla (we call it "wine fly") goes to the wine smell.

Causes of midges in the house

Moshkar in the house may appear from:

  • flower pot;
  • flowers in a vase;
  • fruits, vegetables;
  • garbage;
  • sewage;
  • basement;
  • neighboring apartments.

Such flying midges are called fruit flies. They multiply very quickly, so if you do not immediately take steps to get rid of them, soon the hordes of these annoying small insects will hover over the products in the house, ready meals in the kitchen, the trash can and the greenhouse with houseplants. It would be much more correct to prevent the appearance of blackflies in the house, so that after that it would not have to deal with them.

Prevention of the appearance of midges in the apartment

To the midges do not penetrate the house and do not breed in the apartment, the reasons for their appearance should be prevented. These are the rules that must be observed so that the midges never have a home:

  • bins should not be wet, their bottom should be wiped with a paper napkin to dryness, and best of all - constantly cover it with a disposable food bag and throw out its contents every day;
  • it is necessary to monitor wet stains in the kitchen and remove them in time, for example, under the refrigerator, moisture is often collected that causes the reproduction of midges - such “pockets” of the seedlings of midges need to be cleaned and dried;
  • It is necessary to sort out often all the products in the house - make sure that there are no signs of rotting on them, so that they do not lie down in the open form outside the refrigerator;
  • pet bowls should be rinsed after each meal;
  • hygiene in an apartment should be constantly monitored so that old stains from spilled food liquids do not form on various surfaces;
  • when cleaning rooms, baths and especially kitchens, antibacterial disinfectants should be used;
  • do not forget to monitor the condition of indoor plants - do not pour them with water when watering, process the leaves with preparations from aphids and blackflies.

Ways to remove black flies

When detecting the midges in the house, you must first pay attention to the place around which they circle, where they sit. Blackflies will lead to a problematic place in the kitchen or in the house. We urgently need to clean up at this point — wash the garbage can, if the midges spin over it, wipe the floor with detergents, if they sit on it, and so on.

When whirling the midges over indoor plants, you need to stick ordinary matches with sulfur heads inside the ground, which is in the pots. Sulfur on the heads of matches scares midges. Also required to reduce watering flowers. After disposing of houseplants from the seedlings of black flies, a small decorative stone should be piled on top of each pot to prevent the emergence of new hordes of insects.

One of the simplest and most effective means of getting rid of black flies is a vacuum cleaner. This household appliance should suck the midges inside the unit. After that, the bag or the capacity of the vacuum cleaner, in which dust and debris are collected during the operation of equipment, should be taken out of the house and shaken out into the trash cans away from your home.

The flies can be lured by traps. For example, in the evening, cover a glass of food film with openings, unwashed after sweet yogurt. To enhance the action in the glass, you can put a rotten fruit (piece) - a banana, an apple, a pear. By morning, you can see how many flies fell into the glass, which could not get out of it through the holes in the cling film.

Placed in different places in the kitchen, saucers with fruit vinegar (grape, apple) poured in them will also attract many midges to themselves. You should also add a little liquid soap to the saucer so that the midges no longer get out of them.

An open empty bottle from under any alcoholic drink also attracts midges. In the morning these traps should be mercilessly thrown away and as far as possible from the apartment.

To prevent the midges from penetrating the glazed loggia from the street or into the kitchen through the window, it is necessary to treat mosquito nets on them or gauze with a chemical liquid from an aerosol against flying insects.

Midges do not like the smell of essential oils of clove, orange, tea tree, lavender. These essential oils can be dripped in places of "residence" midges, for the prevention of their appearance.

How to get rid of midges in the apartment