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How to open a tin can with a spoon

Как открыть консерву ложкой

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Tin - sealed container for long-term storage of food in a sealed environment, made of thin tinned steel (tin tin). The main difference from other containers for storing products is the impossibility of back sealing after opening, since opening the can means cutting the metal of the container. In cans can be stored completely different contents, but most often it is canned foods. Sometimes there are cans made of aluminum and other metals. Long-term storage of food in cans is ensured under proper storage conditions.

If you have lost a can opener somewhere, then a regular spoon will come to the rescue. Here is an easy way to get to the contents of the jar.

Comfort is good. It is good when there is a corkscrew for each cork, and for each can there is a cunning tinned key. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, we are sure that it will be useful for you to learn how you can open a tin can with the help of available tools.

You will need a tablespoon, which you can comfortably hold in your palm, strong hands and a little knack. The method itself is very simple, fast and efficient.

Thus, without a knife, you can quickly uncork a can of almost any size. It should only be careful with its sharp edges.

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