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Are the Scissors blunted? A great way to set up and sharpen the scissors per minute

настроить и заточить ножницы за минуту

Scissors - a tool for cutting, consisting of two cuts, converging in closely spaced parallel planes.

Knives can grind almost everything, but scissors, and most do not even imagine how they do it. Many people even think that it is impossible to restore them to their former acuteness, and they simply dispose of them. The fastest super-tool for sharpening scissors is very simple and does not require any special tools, and there is a material for sharpening in every house in the kitchen.

настроить и заточить ножницы за минуту

You will need:

  • foil
  • scissors
  • 5 minutes of time
настроить и заточить ножницы за минуту

Take a small piece of foil.

настроить и заточить ножницы за минуту

Fold the foil in several layers.

настроить и заточить ножницы за минуту

Take the scissors and cut the resulting stock from the foil. After such manipulation, the scissors will become much sharper.

If you have a gypsy needle at your fingertips (it's a sack-a long and thick needle ), you can use it. Take the needle, put it between the knives, as close to the center as possible, and close the blade slowly. The needle should move to the ends of the blades.

настроить и заточить ножницы за минуту

Also it is worth remembering that scissors can not cut badly not only because of dull blades. The reason for this may be a slightly untwisted screw . Tighten it tightly - and the problem will be solved.

It was just so easy to do things that at first glance might cause difficulties. In the form of a bonus, we give you a video in which you will see this trick.

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