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Dull knives in the kitchen - the eternal problem. The way to sharpen a knife on the cup

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How to sharpen knives (instruction)

Как наточить нож об чашку

If an important knife is dull, then simple cooking can turn into anguish.

It is especially difficult to cut tomatoes or other soft vegetables with a blunt knife. Well, when they are fresh and uplifted, but if it is a ripe and juicy fruit - write gone.

The hero of the next video shows valuable and very simple advice on how to sharpen a knife quickly and without much hassle.

All you need is a ceramic mug and, in fact, the knife itself.

And yes, before using the method from this video, determine at what angle your knife is sharpened, and try to keep it at the same angle during the process, otherwise it will take you a lot more time than the guy in the video.