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Gone down thing. Is it possible to stretch?

Как растянуть севшую вещь?

In life, anything happens ... After washing, some things can suddenly become a couple sizes smaller, and no one is immune from this. To the joy of the housewives, there is a trick with which you can easily restore the size of the thing that has sat down.

Clothes made of cotton will easily return its shape and former appearance if you take only 3 simple steps. What a pity that we learned about it just now!

How to stretch the sat thing

Warm water, baby soft shampoo, a large towel - what you need in the process of stretching clothes. Add a little shampoo to the water, stir it.

Как растянуть севшую вещь?

The thing that has sat down during the washing process should lie in the baby shampoo solution for a bit.

Как растянуть севшую вещь?

Take it out, squeeze it and gently spread it on a towel.

Как растянуть севшую вещь?

Roll the towel into a roll, let the clothes stand for 15 minutes.

Как растянуть севшую вещь?

Unroll the towel roll, gently pull the fabric. The fibers will be malleable after water softened with shampoo, you can return the clothes to their former state with ease!

After gently stretching, leave the item to dry horizontally on a towel.

Как растянуть севшую вещь?

In the video you can watch the simple process of stretching things, which decreased after washing. Excellent results guaranteed!

What to do if jeans are gone

Any jeans after treatment with washing powder will shrink. Therefore, to minimize it and easily fix it, follow these rules.


First, soak and wash your jeans in moderately warm water. It is desirable that its temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.

Secondly, do not wash them for a long time. Even if they are very dirty, a 30-minute wash is sufficient. Then it will be much easier to stretch them. You can wash things in the car, but it should be done correctly, that is, observing the temperature regime.

From time to time stretch them in length and width, then continue ironing.

When the jeans are almost the original look, remove the iron and wait until they are completely dry. Even if they then turn out to be a little smaller than needed, they can be quickly spread. It is enough to wear jeans (if necessary, lying down), walk around a bit and do a few squats. This way you can save your jeans.

Woolen thing? No problem!

To restore a wool product, you can use a tool such as hydrogen peroxide.

Type in a deep water tank at room temperature, add hydrogen peroxide in the proportion of 2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water. Rinse the knitted wool sweater in the resulting solution. To get the product back to its former state, pull the item to the right places during the rinse.

After a long rinse, leave the product in the solution for an hour and a half. Rinse your blouse again and spread out on a horizontal surface.

To dry woolen things need only in this way, otherwise they can be deformed, that is, to stretch or stretch.