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How to adjust plastic windows

Как отрегулировать пластиковые окна

A window (window opening) or stained glass - an architectural detail of construction specially conceived in the construction of a building: an opening in the wall that serves to bring light into the room and ventilation. The location, number and size of windows play an important role in the design of the building. Windows are the main (up to 50%) source of heat loss in buildings.

Double - glazed window is a translucent construction structure of two or more glasses, fastened together (glued) along the contour with the help of spacers and sealants. The purpose of the glazing unit as a replacement for ordinary glass is to increase the resistance to heat transfer of the window, since air and some other gases do not pass heat well.

Previously, with the onset of winter, people pasted their wooden windows with paper stripes and stuffed the gap with foam rubber. With the installation of a plastic window in the room, you can forget about these concerns. But quite often master installers, having quickly coped with their work, forget to tell the happy owners of the new window about two important things, which we will discuss later in our article.

Firstly, all moving parts of fittings need regular lubrication. Perform the procedure at least once a year, pouring the usual engine oil. Secondly, with the change of seasons, the windows must be converted to summer and winter mode, respectively. In order not to deform the gum and recover after a dense porch in the winter, it is enough to not turn the handles to the end by 15-30 degrees in the summer. At the same time ensured the flow of fresh air through the microgap. Consider that the minus of any lubrication is sticking of dust and the smudging of curtains!

Secondly, adjust the special eccentrics (trunnions) of the glass unit. The possibility of adjustment is equipped with almost all modern designs. To check whether the fittings are being transferred to another mode, it is enough to look at the special eccentrics (pins) located on the side surface of the sash.

If they have holes for a hexagon or an asterisk screwdriver, and also if the eccentric is oval, then such fittings are probably translated into summer or winter mode. But the possibility of switching is better to specify before installing windows.

Как отрегулировать пластиковые окна

To switch the window mode, simply turn all the pins on the leaf (the larger the window, the greater their number) to the desired position using the appropriate tool.

Как отрегулировать пластиковые окна

If the sash is constantly in winter mode, this leads to an additional load on the sealing gum and it wears out faster. The strength of the window is easy to check. Squeeze a regular sheet of paper: if you can easily remove it, the window is in summer mode.

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