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Advertising and information work (information business)

Advertising and information work (information business )

It consists in creating an advertising express catalog and selling information to the public.

Creating an advertising catalog

1) Carefully study the files of old newspapers and magazines (if you and your friends do not have them, contact the library); select the most interesting information and various "little tricks".

2) Buy some of the most interesting items in other catalogs.

3) Browse the latest free ads; write to those who buy various antiques, envelopes, past mail, b / o coupons, coins of the USSR, postage stamps, etc. If you answer (and confirm the information specified in the ads), feel free to advertise the "addresses of buyers".

4) Follow the advertising of organizations offering jobs abroad; write, call, find out the conditions - this information is in great demand. Just specify in the catalog not "the addresses of firms offering work abroad", but "work abroad"; it sounds more solid and will attract more customers.

5) Order and continue to subscribe to the newspaper private entrepreneur Lelesnikova V.P. "Fortuna-Crimea". Address: 98324, Ukraine, Crimea, Kerch-24, ul. Ulyanovs,   1-d, а / я 24. It is distributed in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus; in it you will find many addresses you need, you can place free and paid advertising (up to the publication of your advertising catalog at an affordable price). In the special issues of this newspaper (distributed among subscribers) you will find a lot of interesting and useful information that can be used in the catalog.

6) After collecting information on 60-100 points, print a catalog on a typewriter (computer printer). If you have the opportunity - use the services of a printing house, risograph, copier; catalogs printed this way are much more cost-effective.

Beginning of work

For a successful start, it is recommended to advertise some material that is most interesting to the population in various newspapers (addresses of humanitarian aid centers, free advertising materials of foreign companies, home-based work, work abroad, etc.). Offer information for coupons b / o and blank envelopes with stamps (this will significantly reduce your postage). In the future, having a sufficient number of coupons b / o, expand a comprehensive advertising campaign in your region; let's pay advertisements, do not hesitate and wall advertising at bus stops.

Go beyond the limits of your area - buy and exchange coupons b / about other regions of Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Increase the pace. Remember - in order to get a good steady income, you need to consistently send at least 7-15 coupons b / o (of various regions) per week.

There are four pledges of your success:

1) interesting information;

2) aggressive advertising campaign (everywhere and constantly!);

3) the quality of advertising (be creative in the preparation of your ads);

4) reasonable prices. About 50% of all advertising catalogs offer information for at least 3 UAH / item. Stay within 1-3 UAH. - and you will withstand the competition.

At least once every six months, update the catalog, removing items that are not in demand from it and putting new, more interesting ones in their place.

Good luck to you !