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How to get to the subway without a token?

How to get to the subway without a token?

  Method 1 
  In the crowd, choose a prettier girl, and when she lowers the token, 
  run up and, pressed to her from behind, go through the turnstile

  Method 2 
  Walk through the turnstile hard, at the same time holding the door with your hands 
  so that they do not shy away from you for ....  Pay attention than 
  more silently you hold down the turnstile, the more likely the controller 
  will not notice anything. 

  Method 3 
  "A crime"
  (if there are two of you, and only one token).  The first one lowers the token and, passing 
  through the turnstile, gently crosses the beam that shines to the bottom and 
  Photocell furthest from the entrance turnstile (located approximately 30 cm
  from the floor).  If this acrobatic trick is done neatly, then the following 
  can pass through the same turnstile for free. 

  Method 4 
  "Two at a time"
  (if at least one of you has a ticket).  The first passes and 
  having passed the controller passes the ticket to a friend.  Note: 
  on the features of the station - on many of them this is not possible. 

  Method 5 
  Halves of neatly sawn tokens work in most cases. 

  Method 6 
  (requires advance cash investment).  Buy a magnetic ticket for 10 
  trips.  Pick up somewhere the same, but used.  Bring home. 
  You will need the following tools: a simple pencil, a piece of tracing paper, 
  small file, powerful magnet, safety razor blade and piece 
  Use a small file to rub a bit of metal dust from a piece of iron. 
  Carefully distribute it on the magnetic strip of the new ticket.  Lightly 
  shake it so that metal dust remains on the strip only on
  non-magnetic areas .  Now put a tracing paper on top and a simple pencil.
  Carefully transfer the magnetic stripe magnetization pattern onto it, 
  which "manifested" metal dust.  Take a powerful magnet and 
  "grab" the razor blade.  You got a powerful
  magnetic sting.  Put the tracing paper on the used ticket and 
  magnetize its magnetic strip by lightly rubbing it magnetic 
  Magnetize not randomly, but according to the pattern obtained on the tracing paper. 
  Used ticket is ready for service again.  Tracing with the scheme 
  do not throw out the magnetization, it will be useful to you next time. 
  Pay attention to: accuracy, accuracy and accuracy again.  AND 
  magnet more powerful . 

  All these methods are illegal and punishable by administrative means. 
  - fines, imprisonment in " monkey pan " and other troubles. 

How to use the subway

  Like any respectable citizen I drop my legitimate token in the turnstile 
  subway and out of the corner of my eye I see that the guy is passing into the next turnstile 
  in a rather interesting way: He lightly touched the front of this 
  mousetraps (probably for the sake of visibility) and rather briskly went forward a little 
  holding the turnstile door with both hands.  And I clearly saw that 
  He did not apply any force. 

  Element p but Watson
 :) ))) He plied the photoelectric cells, 
  p set on _ _ _ ( from the side of the street ) side of the turn . 

  Hint : p p and me one man passed through weekends the following way : 
  p p and the help of an umbrella or something like a photocell intersects by _ ty _ 
  ( c on the part of the metro ) of the side of the typo , then went on . 

  That's right - you close the first element from the opposite side of you - and 
  forward.  |) Especially handy when you have a newspaper or something
  would lengthen the hand ... 

  Explanation : The photocell does not know how you are traveling .     In my 
  c he sees that he first intercepts the photocell with the metric one , 
  then c y personal parties -> the piece of iron considers that someone is out. 

  A halo tokens work 75% of the time.  True, they are very smooth 
  were bitten off .

  Everything is very p p osto , it is enough to prevent the "exit" with this.  Great effort 
  I p is not necessary, but if you don’t want to break you off, you need everything 
  do p is real , i.e. 
    1) Simulate the attempt to lower the token; 
    2) P p to open the walls of the tunnel so that it would not be noticeable and not audible. 
  PS Experience p p goes over the years. :)

  You can still spend a whole squad on one token - the first one lowers the token and 
  passes through the tournet , without forgetting to step over the last lower light bulb ( on 
  how much I know is the photocell, which is responsible for the completion of the passage), 
  then the next one passes in the same way (the token is no longer necessary), and so on. 
  The most important thing is that the green light does not go out, if it goes out - let's use a token. 
  If anyone has an experiment, write with netmail when I was in school. 
  we did it all. 

  Yes, right now, a hundred p ears went.  They have a board in the booth, there are lights lit p when they are 
  the token is lowered, so it seems suspicious to them when it lasts a long time.  Special 
  when a lot of people go there :) IMHO when I do not have time Student 
  p p home to buy, always go like that.  Imit the pth dropping the token while
  p p yapuzhivaya travels hands - effort there is zero, the main thing is that they do with 
  places not t p onulis .