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How to wash the chandelier?

Как отмыть люстру?

Sometimes even the smallest details of the interior such as a butterfly on the curtain or a new flower in the flowerpot, or just a washed mirror changes our mood for the better.

Many of us, cleaning the house, rarely raise their eyes on the ceiling. However, the most important detail of any home interior - a chandelier - requires competent and regular maintenance.

How to quickly wash the chandelier, without spending a lot of effort, we will tell in our article.

How to prevent pollution

To prevent the accumulation of dust on the chandelier, you can use special anti-static compounds. By treating your chandeliers from time to time, you extend their lifespan. They seem to repel dust, and thus it can be cleaned less often. Simply spray the entire surface of the chandelier with this composition and leave to dry completely. As a rule, these tools do not need to wipe off the surface.

How to clean the chandelier

It is better to wipe the dust on the chandelier with a soft special microfiber cloth - it absorbs better and can remove dirt without applying any detergents to them. You can also brush the dust off the chandelier with a special fluffy panicle.

A damp cloth is suitable for wiping wooden parts. But in order to properly remove the dust from the glass or crystal chandelier, without leaving stains, it is better to use two rags. First wipe the surface of the chandelier with a damp cloth and then dry.

Dust always accumulates on the chandelier and drops of fat accumulate. If your chandelier is very dirty, then it must be removed and cleaned, if it is necessary to just refresh it, then you can not remove the chandelier. First you need to determine how dirty your lighting fixture is, and decide which particular method of washing the chandelier will suit you.

Of course, the first method is more laborious. It is necessary to remove the chandelier, you need to put rubber fingers on the cartridges or wrap them with ordinary food cling film - this should be done to prevent soapy water from entering the cartridges.

Wash the chandelier without removing it - the second method is much easier. To do this, turn off the electricity. Also unscrew the light bulbs and protect the cartridges, as in the first case. You can under the chandelier on the floor something, so as not to stain the floor.

The simplest solution is to hang an umbrella under the chandelier, attaching it to the chandelier when opened, which will not allow the soap solution to drip onto the floor or carpet. Wait a few minutes, drops of special substance will be drained to the floor along with dirt and everything, the chandelier shines!

Undoubtedly, today the easiest way to wash a chandelier, including from crystal, is to use a special tool - an aerosol that does not require rinsing. Such a tool can be purchased at any hardware store. Apply the spray on the entire surface of the chandelier and let it dry.

You can wash the chandelier with water with the addition of any detergent intended for washing dishes. After washing with soapy water, the device must be washed clean, and to give it shine, you can wipe with a dry cloth.

It is necessary to note: never use a solution with soap for washing the crystal chandelier, as the soap leaves a film on the surface of the crystal, which then, when heated by a lamp, can cause cracking. It is better to use water solutions with vinegar or ammonia.

For cleaning small parts, joints and crevices use a toothbrush.

Spots from flies are well removed vodka. For bronze and other metal parts of the chandelier it is good to use gruel from tooth powder and ammonia.

In order for the chandelier made of crystal or glass to shine, you can use the popular recipe. The chandelier should be washed with water with the addition of ammonia in proportions of one tablespoon of ammonia per one liter of warm water.

Carefully read the instructions for detergents to prevent damage to the parts of the chandelier. For example, a special aerosol for crystal can damage its metal parts.

Remember that you can connect the chandelier to the power supply only after it dries completely and the bulbs are screwed in!

Observe safety precautions when working with electrical wiring.

Every action that relates to electrical wiring, you need to think carefully.

The room in which you work should be very well lit in order to see in detail everything you do.

Do not touch bare wires with your bare hand, even if you are sure that all circuits have been cut off. There are cases when the contours themselves are included. Be sure to use a voltage tester in your work.

Be sure to arrange the exposed wires so that they do not even accidentally touch each other.

Do not touch the wiring if the voltage is turned on.

Follow all safety rules even when wearing electrical protective gloves.

Wire ends must be insulated with electrical tape. In no case do not use for this purpose adhesive tapes for office use.

At the end of the work, analyze all your actions and check whether you have not forgotten anything.