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Eggplant Hookah

In order to make this hookah, you will need a (preferably one and a half liter) plastic bottle (eggplant) with a lid and two felt-tip pens.

1. The manufacture of tubes. Take a felt-tip pen, get rid of its contents, then cut off its pointed part. You will get a tube. Use a lighter to bend it approximately in the middle at a right angle. Do the same with the second felt-tip pen. The tubes are ready!

2. Eggplant preparation:

a) Make a hole in the lid of the eggplant and insert the tube (1) there, so that the lid does not let air through.

b) Burn a hole in the eggplant at a distance of about 10 cm from its bottom, then insert the tube (2) there; of course, the hole should not let air through.

3. Final touches:

a) If desired, you can expand the tube (2) in the place where it holds the jamb.

Pour some water, insert the joint and the hookah is ready to use!

To see how it all looks - see the diagram!