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The recipe for the preparation of poison against the Colorado potato beetle at home

It is necessary to collect a full liter jar of adult Colorado beetles. Take a container of 20 liters, pour the beetles there and fill with water, close the container. The beetles will die, but they will still float on the surface of the water. Over time, they will gradually sink to the bottom - wait for 1 week. In a week the poison will be ready, but in this proportion it will turn out to be highly concentrated (if you apply it undiluted, you risk to burn the potatoes). Pour poison into 3 half-liter jars and dilute it with water: in the first half (1: 1), in the second - 1: 2, and in the third - 1: 3. Sprinkle several potato bushes from each can; A day later, check the sprayed bushes and see what concentration is suitable for your potato variety. We used the poison freshly prepared; what happens to it during long-term storage (it increases or weakens) - we have not experienced.