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How to drive a woman into a complex

Tips experienced misogynist, or Instruction for a real man

How to drive a woman into a complex

How to drive a woman into a complex

It is known that it is difficult to cope with a woman in our time. Emancipation, feminization and other costs of civilization practically brought our society to the fatal line, after which a mass flight of normal peasants to the pampas, lianos and the deaf taiga will begin. The impudence of modern women is unlimited, and behavior is more often not indignant, but simply dumbfounded. Not only does a woman take on the roles of a breadwinner, a fishing-bird, a defender and a speculum of reason, alien to her, pushing men out of their centuries-old fiefdoms. Increasingly, she tries to command her own husband, putting down humiliating claims of the type of "getting drunk no more than twice a week" or "doing men's work in the house." The blatant cases when a man through emotional blackmail or direct threats are forced to wash dishes, help children with lessons and even iron their own shirts (!). In short, everyone understands: you have to do something. The only question is that.

Radicals offer two ways to solve the problem.

The first is a principled bachelorhood. As they say, neither a span of land to the enemy, nor the shadows of a woman in the house. With a lot of advantages, this way has a serious drawback, since it is not clear who will then serve the man in all respects - from bed to kitchen.

The second path , prompted by the history of relations between Stenka Razin and the Persian princess, is especially attractive for the fans of Shakespeare's drama Othello. As they say, a little something - just strangling. Undoubtedly, in such acts there is a real man's latitude and daring, but, unfortunately, while the article "Intentional murder" is not abolished in the Criminal Code, we can not with a clear conscience recommend it to the broad male masses.

To sink and choke, gentlemen, it's still not a way out in the early 21st century.

More subtle methods are needed. The recommendations of "Domostroi" are out of date - you can not subordinate yourself to the current woman with a whip. In place of primitive physical methods came the sophisticated psychological.

The essence of them is simple, understandable even with drinking, and is that any woman can be put in the right place. Or, in scientific terms, drive it, bitch, into a complex. Inferiority. So that she understood what kind of insignificance she is and how lucky she is that you, a real man, honor her with your attention. As soon as she understands this, consider that the deed is done.

How to drive a woman into a complex

Interesting experiments conducted by the famous psychologist, Professor Stoerosov, show how the psyche and behavior of successfully complexed women change in the shortest possible time. If at the beginning of the experiment 98 out of 100 respondents agreed with the statement that "women are also people", then after the end of the experiment, only 4 remained. The overwhelming majority (97 out of 100) completely disappeared obsessive desire to demand anything from a man; they expressed a willingness to tolerate any of his conduct, including physical impact; moreover, 92% admitted that if a man beats a woman, then she deserves it.

Of course, the repetition of Stoerosov's experiments in everyday life is somewhat difficult; but to achieve the desired result, this is not required. You can drive a woman into the complex and with the help of one simple technique called "healthy criticism."

Before proceeding to it, you should clearly realize that, regardless of your personal data (age, weight, stammering, chronic alcoholism, unpaid conviction, etc.), your appearance in a woman's life is undeserved by her happiness. Already by the fact that you condescend to it, you are giving her the greatest grace. This setting is important because, firstly, it contributes to the improvement of the male consciousness, hounded by feminists, and secondly, it facilitates the development of a healthy critical position.

So, you have inspired yourself that you are a treasure and a real man. To be with you is the highest happiness for any woman, including a millionaire and Hollywood movie stars. You are proud to look at your reflection in the mirror. Now start criticizing your woman.

Remember that there are no ideal people except you, and therefore you can criticize it for anything.

If she has a higher education, and you do not, then she is a blue stocking, a mathematical biscuit, an archival rat and too smart for a real woman. If you have a higher education, but she does not, then she's a stupid chicken, ignorant, stupid and not sufficiently developed for you. If you have both higher education, then its diploma is worthless, because:

  • a) this specialty is currently unpromising in the labor market;
  • b) she graduated from the university in absentia, and we all know how correspondence students work;
  • c) its philology (botany, theory of culture, physics of semiconductors) is not needed by anyone.

If she is a successful professional and earns more than you, then she went to work with her head in order to hide her female inferiority. A real woman does not dry in the office. If she earns less than you, then she is a bad professional and only imitates, like all women, the ability to create. In fact, she can not invent anything original and is only capable of performing primitive repetitive actions.

If she works in the budgetary sphere, it means that she is incapable of more and covers her inability to find an imaginary attachment to the cause. If she has her own business, then she is monstrously cynical, pragmatic and absolutely unfeminine. If she works in the field of private business, it is unknown (more precisely, we know), for which she appreciates the boss: for a pretty face or something else.

If a woman does not work, then she is lazy, a parasitic and a parasite dreaming to sit on her husband's neck.

How to drive a woman into a complex

A rich opportunity for criticism gives personal life. If a woman was never married, she was not wanted. If she was married, she could not cope with the role of wife and was unable to save the marriage. If she did not have anyone before you, then she's an old maid. If she had a lot of men before you, she's just a whore. (Note: Since it is impossible to accurately determine the number of your predecessors, all women can reasonably be accused of immoral ways of life before meeting you).

If a woman has a child, this in itself is bad. Nobody is obliged to feed other people's children, when there are lots of childless lonely women around. If there are no children, and she is more than 25 or married, she is probably infertile or deprived of a maternal instinct, or a complete selfish person.

If she lives with her parents, she is a mama's daughter, a mentally and emotionally immature person. If she lives away from her parents, she is a bad daughter who does not care about her father and mother. If she is an orphan, it's not a bad idea to find out why her parents died and whether her demeaning led to their fast demeaning.

It is always possible and necessary to criticize the age. Remember, a woman does not have a good age! She is either too young, too old, or looks very bad at her age.

Truly unlimited criticism of appearance and character. The main thing is to notice imperfections in time and constantly remind them.

Even a beautiful woman has small minuses - too thin ankles, too thick lobes of ears, too short nose or too long legs.

If the obvious shortcomings can not be found, it means that she has a doll beauty.

In addition, beautiful women, as a rule:

  • a) a stupid person;
  • b) quickly becoming weary beauty;
  • c) vulgar manners;
  • d) a vulgar smile.

If a woman is a good housewife, then she is a clean-chicken home chicken. If not, she is a slob that did not see the light. Etc.

A difficult case is self-confident women, who have achieved something. But then patience and perseverance will take their toll. Suppose she is proud of her academic degree.

Remind her:

  • a) that this is the only thing that she can be proud of, because appearance and femininity, it does not differ;
  • b) that the price of this degree is an unsettled personal life;
  • c) that the topic of her thesis is irrelevant, unoriginal, secondary and poorly formulated;
  • d) that you will not surprise anyone with such a thesis;
  • e) what is the best in the thesis she owes to the advice and advice of the scientific adviser;
  • f) that the thesis of N., written on a similar topic, is much better;
  • e) that her degree did not help her overcome the inherent frigidity;
  • g) that it was defended too late, in our time the average age of the candidate's defense is 28 years;
  • h) that even ten dissertations are not able to make her a real woman, at the sight of which the peasants are shaken with delight.

If this is not enough, ask if she earns much with her academic degree, and tell her that a striptease dancer with an incomplete secondary education has so much for a month as she has for a year.

The main recipe for criticism is regularity. Every day several times. In no case do not argue. In response to her counterarguments, smile, stroke her on the head and whisper: "All the same I love you, baby, no matter what ..." And so every time.

The course of criticism lasts from 2 months to 2 years.

Additional measures.

1. Limit the circle of communication. If possible, cut off from friends and quarrel with relatives.

In the event that a woman has a large number of relatives that are harmful to your business, which has a habit of getting under your feet, you need to open her eyes to the true face of relatives. Most likely, the woman thinks that her relatives - loving her selfless people, well, so remind her of all the cases when they used her kindness and responsiveness. If the relatives are poorer than your woman, there will be many such cases. If they are richer, explain to her that self-interest is psychological. Yes, her name is in summer in a country house, they are willing to communicate with her - but only to brag about their acquisitions and enjoy the contrast: it's so nice to realize your wealth against the background of another's poverty! And if they help her financially and give things "from the shoulder of the Lord", so this is generally a disguised form of humiliation.

Getting rid of girlfriends is nothing at all. Enough, remaining for a couple of minutes alone with another girlfriend, say everything that you think about it, in a simple, intelligible, unambiguous form. In order not to make a friend after that (she slapped you, hysterically roared, made a scandal, ran away in an unknown direction, throwing a fat butt high), you will always have an occasion to put an ultimatum to a woman: either I or she.

Ideally, a woman should have one friend, an interlocutor and authority (he is the master) - you.

2. "Help" a woman to deal with shortcomings.

If she is fat, buy her a belt-gracia or dress-gowns; if she has bad hair, buy her a wig, etc. If she began to complex because of gaps in education, buy her an encyclopedic dictionary. In doing so, do not forget to repeat that you - and only you - are capable of loving her, in spite of completeness, age, bad temper, pimples, hanging breasts and other "delights".

3. Comparison.

Compare it with other women, with the wives of friends, with the stars of Hollywood and the outstanding personalities of world history. Simple, inexpensive and at the same time very effective. Double effect, by the way, gives a comparison of the figure of a woman with the bodies of the photo models of "Playboy", and her sexual temperament - with the behavior of the heroines of porn films. If among the familiar women there is a female person who has achieved serious success in life, do not miss such a chance. Regularly remind the woman that her former classmate / neighbor in the yard / childhood friend / a familiar cousin is a TV series star / popular singer / proprietress of the advertising agency / the wife of the prime minister, and she teaches at the technical school for a part-time. "I just can not believe that you were sitting at one desk! Yes, of course, when a person has a mind, character and ability, he can achieve much ..."

4. Gradual and stubborn narrowing of the circle of interests.

The real place of a woman is in the kitchen, this should become her main hobby.

Of course, it is not always possible to go through the above described way to the end. But if you have the patience and perseverance, eventually you do not recognize your woman. Instead of an aggressive, self-confident bitch, a meek, hammered creature appears before you, afraid to open your mouth again.

And with it, you finally can feel like a real macho, a true man, master of the universe.