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The manufacture of apparatus for the production of popcorn

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The manufacture of apparatus for the production of popcorn

This device is designed for production at home and is intended for the production of popcorn in individual portions.

The main nodes:
1. The working unit (Fig. 2) is intended for the direct preparation of populated corn and consists of the following elements: low-speed El. Engine -1, plate - 2 (aluminum), gland - 3, blades - 4 (aluminum), working capacity - 5, swivel unit - 6.7, 8 (aluminum), locking unit - 9 (aluminum), steel, handle from a tree), a heating element - 10 (a food warmer from El. Tiles); heating element casing - 11; corners of fastening of a casing - 12, 13, rivets - 14; bolts - 15; nuts - 16; Plate 2 is made with a cut-out of a special shape (Fig. 7) to ensure fixation of the locking assembly 9. The handle of the locking assembly is made as shown in fig. 6 (must ensure a tight fit of the working container 5 to the plate 2). The rotary knot is made as shown in fig. 5. The casing of the heating element 11 is attached to the working capacity 5 (see Fig. 8)
2. Container. Designed for installation of the working unit and short-term pre-sale storage of popcorn. It is made of any form of metal or wood (Fig. 3)
3. Electrical equipment. Includes email. Motor to drive the blades and the heating element. Power control, fuses, switch can be connected.
4. Controls. Designed to include El. Engine and heating element.

Preparation of popcorn:
1. Open the working unit (Fig. 2c), fill in the corn grain, pre-mixing it with sunflower oil and salt
2. Place the device in the working position (Fig. 2a), turn on the El. Engine and heating element. After a certain time (after the moisture goes into steam and an overpressure is created in the working tank), turn on El. Engine and open the working chamber (Fig. 2c). The pressure of the tank will be equal to the atmospheric pressure and the grain will break. Popcorn is ready. Unload it with a scoop (with spoons) from the container and cover the new portion of grain.

1. Working time, rotational speed El. The engine, the heating temperature, the proportional ratio of oil, salt and grain is determined empirically, based on the quality of the product obtained.
2. Grain rupture can occur only from heating, i.e. without pressure drop (if you could not achieve tightness of all connections). But in this case, the quality of popcorn will be lower.
3. The dimensions of the parts are not given intentionally, since they depend on those prefabricated elements (El. Engine, capacity) that you have.
4. It is necessary to take into account that this documentation is not a dogma, but a guide to action and the specific manufacture of the device depends on your capabilities.
5. When assembling and operating the device, it is necessary to remember: the device operates under pressure, at high temperature and high voltage. It can be life threatening. Be sure to install the safety valve 17 from the pressure cooker