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Eternal electric lamp

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Eternal electric lamp

How to make a simple light bulb forever
The device is placed and fits in the switch or next to it. It allows you to smoothly switch on the EL / lamp, that is, up to the nominal value, increase the current through the EL / lamp within 1 second after it is turned on. This will significantly increase the life of the lamp / lamp up to 10-15 years or more. The reason for the rapid destruction of the filament E / lamp is that at the moment of switching on, because of the small resistance of the cold filament, an initial current pulse is flowing through it, many times exceeding the nominal value. And as you noticed, the lamp burns out always during its switching on.
The scheme allows you to work with Al / lamps 100-200 watts.

DESIGNATIONS: VD1-VD4-KD105B (for 100W) and KD202ZH, KD202C (for 200W) VD5-KU201K, KU202K-HU06-D220 (for 100W) and silicon low-power (for 200W) V07-D814A VT1, VT2 - KT315B (for 100 W) and any silicon low-power of the corresponding structure with a static current transfer ratio of at least 50 (for 200 W) R1 - 1 kΩ R2, R3 - 10 kΩ R4- 100 kΩ P5-2.7 m0m R6 - 160 k0m C1 - 2.0 uF