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Sharpen the knife with a lighter

Точим нож зажигалкой

Everyone understands that when you work with a poorly sharpened knife, only torment and inconvenience result. Obviously, sharpening the knife for any purpose is a super-important topic, do not save minutes for a quality sharpening of the blade - this time will not be wasted. It is clear to everyone that much more time and nerves will go into the activity of an unshielded instrument. When professional thorough sharpening is required - patience is required, good blade steel, bars of suitable ratio.

If you do not have a knife sharpener or grindstone at hand, but there are steamy friends with lighters and wood chips, with their help you can sharpen any knife. How to do it? In fact, it's not difficult, but with the "production process" you have to tinker a bit. The secret of knife sharpening with a cigarette lighter shows a new video. Maybe porridge and can not be welded from an ax, but you can sharpen a knife with a cigarette lighter. It sounds incredible, but it really is. After watching the new video, you can once again be convinced of the truth of the statement that: all ingenious is simple, just need to think of.