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How to grow new potatoes in April / May

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How to grow new potatoes in April / May

In order to get new potatoes in April-May, it is not necessary to grow them in greenhouses. Here's how to grow it in the garden. In early August, last year's potatoes must be found in the cellar. It is desirable varieties "Falensky", "Table", "Sedov", "Lorch", etc. Plant tubers in a well-fertilized land, which was freed from early removed vegetables. Let the potato grow here until October, it will even have time to bloom. Before expected frosts, the tops should be cut to the level of the soil so that it does not freeze. When the soil is frozen, cover the planting with a layer of leaves, tops, peat, pine needles. Let the potatoes so winters. If there will be big frosts in winter, snow can be added to the site. In April-May, when the soil thaws and warms up, surprisingly everyone can dig up young, fresh potatoes. It tastes like an ordinary new potato harvested in June or July.

And now a little arithmetic. In the spring of 1994 1 kg fresh potatoes went for 30,000 crb. (the dollar exchange rate was 39000 krb.). With 6 acres can be collected 500 kg new potatoes. Implementation 500 kg on 30000 krb. was at that time 15000000 KRB. or $ 385. And this is the spring of 1994!

Good luck!