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7 ways to make shoes waterproof

7 ways to make shoes waterproof

one)    In gasoline, dissolve yellow beeswax to saturation, heat the solution in a water bath and add 1/10 weight part of melted spermaceti. Before use, melt in a water bath and apply to dry and slightly heated skin.

2)    Mix 50 weight . h melted lamb fat, 49 wt. h. flaxseed oil and 1 wt. h. turpentine. Apply to dry heated skin.

3)    Melt the mixture (in weight parts ) of paraffin, wax, rosin (2: 3: 1), add 1 weight. including clay-kaolin powder.

four)    A mixture of 3 wt . h paraffin and 1 wt. h. flaxseed oil, heat over low heat, lubricate the skin, then wipe with a wool rag.

five)    Place any leather shoes for a few hours in the water, where as much gray soap is dissolved. When drying, the shoes become softer than they were and do not let the water through at all.

6)    A mixture of 40 wt . h fish oil, 10 wt. h. wax, 3 wt. h. turpentine, 10 wt. h. soot for black shoes (10 wt. h ocher - for yellow) heat to melt and add 20 weight. including glycerol and 1 wt. h. borax.

7)    Heat over a light fire. 200 g flaxseed oil, dissolve in it 50 g sala 5 g wax, 5 g wood resin. Grease hot.

Lubricate with any of these compositions periodically repeat.