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20-25 cucumbers from the bush

20-25 cucumbers from the bush

Gardener Rudenko found a method of growing cucumbers on average 20-25 pieces. from every bush. Harvest using this method is 6 times higher. Of the 11 varieties tested, the Maysky grade turned out to be the best. In addition to "Maysky", he experienced the "Competitor", "Nezhinsky", "VIR 505", "Donetsk". Some of them are not inferior in yield "May".

The seeds were sown in boxes, sand was poured to the bottom for filtering, and soil was added on top (50% and another 50% of humus). Filled boxes up to half their height by 3- 4 cm , planted seeds after 3- 4 cm to a depth of 1- 2 cm . He covered the boxes with glass and put them in a warm place for 3-4 days. Seeds are not germinated - otherwise they will grow yellow and frail. When shoots appeared, he removed the glass and put the boxes on the sunny window. But as the seedlings grew, he poured the soil until the drawers were completely filled. THIS WILL BE THE FIRST INCREASE IN THE ROOTING SYSTEM BY EARTH SUPPLEMENT. Look closely at the stem of cucumbers, on it you will see a lot of pimples - these are future roots. They will germinate when adding soil and will give additional roots, having increased the system of the whole plant almost 2 times, which means the power of the whole plant.

The next operation is transplanting seedlings into pots (or milk bags). This is done when 1-2 leaves grow on plants. It is necessary to cut the plant along with the ground and put it in a pot (package). Pots, like boxes, are only partially filled with earth. As the plant grows, the earth sprinkles until the pot is completely full. THIS WILL BE THE SECOND ENLARGEMENT OF THE ROOT SYSTEM. Then transplant seedlings in the ground, under the film in the fence. Inside the fence dig a trench on both sides for a full bayonet shovel. At the bottom of the trench pour humus 5- 7 cm . Before planting the seedlings, the ground should warm up under the film (week). Planting of seedlings: the package is cut and a clod of soil with seedlings is lowered to the bottom of the trench (on the humus). Look at this com: it is literally riddled with roots - this is the main thing in this method, where the root system increases four times (2 times in a box and 2 times in a package). When the plant is lowered into a trench, sprinkle it with earth mixed with superphosphate (30- 40 g on the plant). After that, fill the trench with straw, last year’s weeds with a layer of 8- 10 cm and sprinkle earth on top and pour. This layer of straw will give heat and food to the plants during the period of decay and release carbon dioxide. THIS WILL BE THE THIRD INCREASE OF THE ROOT SYSTEM Vertically. Cucumbers must be tied up, for this you need to make a high transverse trellis. They are less affected by powdery mildew, not so yellow.

ADVANTAGES OF THIS METHOD: a fairly high yield - 112 cucumbers per square meter, a long growing season - 165 days versus the usual 95. When watering a very small amount of water. In the fence of the film and the trench for a long time keeps moisture; low consumption of mulching material, since it is easier to protect the narrow trench from evaporation. The main advantage - a small landing area: 18-20 plants per 4 square meters meters .