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How to cleanse herring from bones with one movement

Как одним движением очистить селедку от костей

The herring (Latin Clupea) is a valuable commercial fish living in the northern part of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as in the Arctic Ocean.

This fish is never brewed or fried. In food, herring is used, usually in a salty or smoked form. Herring is one of the most popular and inexpensive appetizers (see appetizer) on the Russian table: it is eaten with equal pleasure on weekdays and on holidays; from it prepare herring paste, herring oil, add to the vinaigrette; it usually snacks vodka. Herring is salted in barrels (see barrel), densely stuffing them with fish. Hence the characteristic-comparison of crowded premises: like herring in a barrel. From the word "herring", the name of a special plate of elongated form is formed - the herringbone.

Fans of "Herring under the fur coat" will certainly appreciate this lifhak on cutting fish. After all, in order to clear the herring from the bones takes a lot of time, and the finished fillet is much more expensive ...

How to clean herring

To remove all the bones from the herring in one motion, you must first gut the fish and cut off its head. How to proceed, look in the video!

Sleight of hand and no fraud! Now you can use fillets to create your favorite dishes from herring. And to prepare a delicious homemade herring, you can experiment with various spices for fish. The result in any case will be unmatched.

Try again, you will succeed.


wiki The body is compressed laterally, with a serrated edge of the belly. Scales moderate or large, rarely shallow. The upper jaw does not protrude beyond the lower jaw. Mouth moderate. Teeth, if present, are rudimentary and dropping out. Anal fin of moderate length and has less than 80 rays. Dorsal fin above abdominal. Caudal fork split. To this genus carry 3 kinds. Their food is made up of various small animals, especially small crustaceans.

All representatives of the genus have important commercial importance, are used for food, as well as for the production of fishmeal.

Especially important in economic terms is the Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus).

Scientific classification:

  • Domain: Eukaryotes
  • Kingdom: Animals
  • Type: Chord
  • Class: Lacerated fish
  • Order: Celery
  • Family: Herring
  • Gender: Herring
  • International scientific name: Clupea Linnaeus, 1758